RNC Delegate says she may vote for … Hillary?

The #neverTrump and #neverCruz morons have apparently been asleep during the last eight years that #neverMitt gave us and this Washington D.C. delegate is right in the middle of them.

Today on the Real Story with Gretchen Carlson Washington, D.C. GOP delegate Rina Bharara said she may vote for Hillary in November because she knows where Hillary stands.

So clearly, this delegate knows that Hillary is for $1 trillion in taxes on middle-income earners and business owners, understands that Hillary thinks we need yet another federal immigration department and that Hillary believes that what the federal government really needs is to be able to start taking away the gun rights of U.S. citizens and with all that .. would still vote for her. How is it that delegates like this are allowed to keep their status while others that simply favor Trump are dropped from the roster?


Rina is a signatory member of the #neverTrump club.

While I am staying neutral in the nomination fight, this is abominable. How an RNC delegate could announce such a thing and even be allowed to keep her delegate status after saying that she could never vote for Trump even if he gets the nomination.

While Donald is of great concern to many of us, I would in no way consider choosing the anti-gun, anti-free speech, anti-middle-income earner, anti-business, anti-truth, moonbat that is Hillary Clinton over him should he get the nomination.

The RNC is firmly in circular firing squad formation, locked and loaded and ready to lose another election it would seem. But hey, don’t take it from me – here it from the guy that got screwed by his precinct captain (yeah the guy from the above video:)


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. You’re right, Rich. Rina Shah’s words were brainless. However, before condemning her let’s realize she suffers from ‘too much’ freedom and simply cannot handle it. She’s crying out for a master to snatch her from the talons of Liberty and give her the shackles of slavery. Free from having to actually think, she will once again languish in a life of obedience and submission.

    She should not only be removed as a delegate, but turn in her voter registration card.
    (not that I have an opinion one way or the other) lol

    1. I agree. This is what’s going to reduce the ranks of registered Republicans to historically low levels. I’ve been an unaffiliated independent for a long time and I don’t see any reason to rejoin the party at this time.

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