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Is John Kasich pulling out of the race?

It is being reported that John Kasich is suddenly pulling all of his radio ads from Wisconsin markets with just over a week to go until the badger state holds its primary.

Charles Sykes is a well-informed talk show host and the editor-in-chief of RightWisconsin.com and is likely to have the contacts in the radio industry to make such a claim.

Kasich has been little more than a spoiler in the Presidential race with his one win being in his home state of Ohio. Current polls show no chance for him in Wisconsin .. or much of anywhere else – but they’ve been saying that. So why pull the ads now?

Kasich’s campaign says that only some Wisconsin listening areas are affected as they are re-allocating funds to areas where they might actually win.

The smart money is that Kasich’s effort is running short of cash after several devastating losses and needs to slow his spending to remain in the race until the convention as he has promised.

The GOP establishment needs Kasich in the mix to prevent his delegates from becoming unbound and going to either Cruz or Trump which could prevent a brokered/contested convention where the elites could put in a candidate of their own.

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  1. Kasich has ruined his rep as a conservative. He’s just another political hack.

  2. Kasich has indicated that he ‘wanted’ a brokered convention that could make him the candidate. GOP must have told him that ‘they in all of their superior wisdom” have someone else in mind to gum up the works. GOP powers that be seem destined to shoot us all in the foot…

  3. 4 years ago Kasich and paul ryan were conservaties lol how long until t.cruz follows into the broterhood

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