Hillary and Sanders Go One On One In New Hampshire

Democratic Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Debate In Durham, New Hampshire

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Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took an increasingly combative tone into their first one-on-one debate on Thursday, cranking up a fight over who is best suited to lead the party’s liberal agenda on the economy and healthcare.

With just the two on stage, Clinton and Sanders squared off over their key differences on foreign policy, guns, health care and taxes at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, aired by MSNBC. The debate was moderated by MSNBC hosts Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow,

An NBC, Wall Street Journal, Marist poll released hours before the debate gave Sanders 58 percent support among likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire and Clinton 38 percent.

Since both are liberal progressives though “Progressive” is the latest PC term for liberal, the two were in agreement with each other yet disagreed. Both were for universal healthcare with Clinton wanting to see the ACA (Obamacare) taken further with prices coming down and everyone covered. She said she wants middle income kids to be able to afford college and is for a higher minimum wage though she didn’t say how much higher. Sanders  was in favor a taxing Wall Street businesses to pay for colleges for kids.

Chuck Todd asked Clinton about whether or not she was worried that the email crisis may become an achilles heel for her, noting that voters in New Hampshire say they worry the scandal is hurting her polling numbers. Clinton responds by insisting, “Before it was emails it was Benghazi.” She then turned to talk about the recent news that Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell were also caught up in a similar problem in which information they emailed about was classified after the fact. “I have absolutely no concerns about it whatsoever,” she said.

This snotty attitude turned me off as she knows she’s guilty of a crime and like most of the Clinton crimes they always get off. She claimed she never sent any classified material, yet it is known she had an aid erase the word “classified” from some of her e-mails. She claimed all the e-mails that were classified were all retro-active. If she was so innocent why did she delete 30,000 e-mails after they were subpoenaed?

Fireworks started and the crowd eventually erupted into a series of boos and cheers after Sanders lobbed thinly veiled criticism at Clinton for taking money from Super PACs, prompting her to punch back and complain about his attacks, defending her decision to take money from those groups and corporate speaking fees and insisting she never once changed a vote over that. I notice Bernie seemed very straight forward and emphatic in his responses while Hillary was her usual loud, shrill emotional self. I also noticed that when Hillary was speaking Bernie seemed deep in thought at times like he was thinking, “How am I  going to respond to  this?. Hmmm,” which  actually impressed me in a strange way.

Moderator Rachel Maddow pointedly asked Sanders how he can be a Democrat given that he has been an Independent for decades in the Senate, which he bluntly responded to by pointing out that he has for years caucused with the Democrats in the Senate, and even been elected to serve as a committee chair by Democrats. He also said he wants to see the Democratic party change and open itself up.

Sanders accused Clinton of having the entire establishment behind her with Super PACS paying her campaign while his campaign is of the American people many who have donated just   $27.

At one point Hilary accused Sanders of using an attack of insinuations and running a smear campaign against her and shouted down Sanders.

On the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan both were against having more troops in there and agreed we should support the kurds  against the Sunnis but give them the right equipment to train with and just use air strikes to fight ISIS and let the Iraq and Afghanistan people use their own forces. Isn’t that what Trump has been saying?

Both agreed we should bring companies overseas back here and both agreed to do something about the trade imbalance which is hurting us.  Isn’t that what Trump has also been saying?

Actually I don’t mind Sanders as a candidate, but I wish there was someone else besides Hillary. I think America is tired of the Clintons and had their fill of them. I know I have. As comedian Tim Allen said recently, “The Clintons are like herpes. Just when you think they’re gone they come back again. 😀

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