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What should actually scare Americans about Obama’s action on guns – The good, the bad and the ugly

Obama published, then spoke about, the executive actions he would take on gun control. Most of his plan is to enforce laws already on the books – you know.. his job. Some are good measures, but a few are scary and under-thought.

The Good

Obama  asked for 230 additional employees for the FBI in order to make background checks faster and more accurate. 

This is a good move. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has come out in favor of increased staffing for the NICS background check center and every legal gun retailer in the country agrees. Efficient background checks have been the goal of the retail gun industry for years, all are thrilled that Obama has finally agreed with them.

The NSSF publicly states that they are thrilled that the president finally took this action

Obama is asking for an additional 230 ATF agents to enforce current laws

Every member of the retail gun industry applauds this action and wonders why it took so long for the president to make it happen.

The ATF will require all members of a gun trust or corporate trust to submit information for a background check for NFA items

This falls in line with the National Firearms Act which requires people owning regulated weapons (suppressors, short-barreled firearms, etc) to have a background check to insure that they are eligible to own those items.

The Bad

Obama will require the Social Security Administration to provide disability information to NICS for background checks

While seemingly innocuous, this will allow the government to strip someone of their constitutional rights based on disability provisions.

The question to ask is.. what due process will a citizen have once the government has decided to strip their rights? (due process)

The Ugly

Obama will require mental health records to be forwarded to NICS for background checks

Obama will remove all obstructions to providing mental health records to NICS

Many vets experiece night terrors (nightmares)  and have trouble concentrating due to minor PTSD, but they are no threat to themselves or anyone else. If PTSD becomes a prohibitive diagnosis, these people will be prevented from owning firearms.

These protectors of our freedom will then avoid treatment because of the threat of loss of their freedoms.

Obama’s proposal may actually prevent the treatment of these brave marines, soldiers, airmen and sailors along with non-veteran citizens with mild disorders.

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  1. The disclosure of confidential medical records is a violation of all existing HIPPA laws. It is also unconstitutional to deprive US citizens of their rights without due process.

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