Obama’s Final State of the Union Address

Il Duce Obama


“It’s only words and words are all he has to take our hearts away”——— (With apologies to the Bee Gees.)

I’ve always said to understand Obama listen to what he says and then think the opposite. Tuesday night’s State of the Union Speech was no different, very emotional like he always does and full of lie after lie. Everything he says – from America’s diversity is its greatest strength, to unemployment cut in half, global warming, America’s reputation improving, preventing a nuclear armed Iran – all lies. The theme of the talk was, everything is great! If you think otherwise then there is something wrong with you. Part-time jobs with no benefits, a middle  east and Europe in crisis are the new norm. The Christians slaughtered in Syria, the people of Paris and San Bernadino under attack.

Obama talked about us all being united in the future when we are divided more than ever thanks to him. He said how the economy is the strongest in the world with the largest streak of job creation,900,000 jobs in the past six m months and unemployment has been cut  in half.. Maybe so, but it has been stronger and maybe because the rest of the world is doing so poorly, but China and Japan are almost greater than ours now. Obviously he didn’t mention the 90 million people out of the work force, 42 million on food stamps and 50 million on welfare. Employment and wages have been stagnant for months. Unemployment rates are higher than economists want, and there hasn’t been growth in months.For a third straight month, the unemployment rate in December was 5 percent, higher than what economists consider healthy. And that doesn’t count people who have stopped looking for jobs

He mentioned that he deficit has been cut in half. Really?

Obama mentioned that thanks to the Affordable Care Act 18 million people have healthcare.(too bad they can’t afford the huge deductibles).

He mentioned that we are the strongest nation on earth not the weakest and our troops are the finest in the world. All well and good, but he’s reduced our fighting forces to pre WW11 level sand purged 900 officers in all our armed forces branches. He said our allies call us not Moscow or China. Meanwhile he’s turned our friends into enemies and enemies into friends. Our allies don’t trust us and enemies don’t fear us.

He once said Al Queada is on the run and now says they and ISIS are a direct threat. He said all countries have to pull together to fight terrorism and was against us going into other countries, occupying ad nation building. He promised to close GITMO. Meanwhile ISIS has branched out all over the world.

Obama said he regretted bringing the divisions between both parties together. Well Mr. President   you were the one causing that division. Thanks to you our country is divided more than ever.

Obama mentioned his recent Executive Order on gun control and said gun violence is out of control, and that his executive overreach with background checks was necessary. Meanwhile gun violence is down, and no part of Obama’s executive order would have prevented a single mass shooting. Between 1993 and 2013, homicides by gun in the United States plunged by half, from 7.0 per 100,000 to 3.6 per 100,000 according to a report from The Washington Post.

So you can see why I say listen to what Obama says then think the opposite and you know what he really means. But the real absurd part of the speech I thought was when he mentioned he would appoint Joe (gaffe a minute) Biden to head a task force to cure cancer. This is going to be interesting to watch for in these last remaining months.

As one commenter I observed so adequately said Obama has never been qualified to be president and none of his supposed achievements have been based on merit. I never believed he has American values and he has made our country and relations much worse to serve his personal and the lib left views and desire for power. He has harmed nearly every American

President Obama has destroyed respect for the office and is an embarrassment… hopefully in the future we can overcome all this politics and political correctness and elect decent qualified accomplished people who, while not right on everything, will have decent qualified accomplished people around him with guts and intelligence to balance complex issues and do what is right for most Americans w/o regard to personal or party politics.


Climax • 30 minutes ago

The problem is that the current PC way of handing government is getting us only in the poor house, disrespect around the world, higher debt ceilings, and national borders so full of holes they rival Swiss cheese. Our nation is under cyber attack, under illegal immigration attack, we are under an oppressive attack from our leaders, internal attacks from mentally disabled, gangs, drug pushers, and foreign based crime cartels. Our taxes go up and our services go down. The working stiff gets stiffed even more as we provide for an ever growing number of people who either cannot work, will not work, or are not prepared to work, or make a profession of not working. Our military might as well been cut off at the knees, made smaller, weaker, firing our best military leaders, and service connected medical problems are not treated by our VA in a timely manner. People feel much less safe today than they did only 20 years ago.


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