During the debate, Drudge’s poll says Trump won

Donald Trump boycotted the Fox News/Google debate in Iowa due to a dust-up with Fox News, but he still won.

Matt Drudge’s DrudgeReport.com ran a poll during the debate to understand who people felt won it. Even though Donald didn’t attend, his numbers indicate .. it didn’t matter.

GOP debate winner drudge

Trump also claimed that his veteran’s event raised over $6 million dollars for veteran’s causes. The number is unconfirmed. Then again, the drudge poll is not a scientific poll and may or may not suffer from the same ‘squeeky wheel’ anomaly as previous years’ web poll that showed Ron and Rand Paul as clear winners only to watch them go down in flames.

Real or not, Trump is pulling in large crowds, getting a ton of media attention and wooing Americans at a rate not seen since Reagan – and the establishment didn’t like Ronald Reagan either.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I can think of nothing any true American would begrudge something that would benefit our veterans…..Trump relied on this. What I find despicable is that someone ‘supposedly’ wanting to lead and serve the nation they fought to keep, would….use them as political pawns for personal gain!!!

    IF he really cared about them, why didn’t he just write out a check? we all know he could’ve. He CHOSE to demonstrate his marketing expertise to upstage a critical debate that would inform us, the voter….how very self serving. Does anyone actually believe he arranged an event of this magnitude in such a short time??? For goodness sake, It takes longer to plan a 6 yo’s birthday party!

    He has admitted that he has ‘bought and paid for’ favors…..wonder what this cost him? I hope it cost him the election.

    I have not committed to a candidate yet. And everyone knows I’m not at all opinionated, 🙂 but I do know I don’t want a salesman in our White House.

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