A Biblical Description of Today’s Times

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Obam prophet


In the beginning the land called America was ruled by a King of questionable background. No one knew for sure where he came from. They just annointed him King Barack because he was the first of a different and darker color than what they always had.

And it came to pass that there was great chaos and division throughout the land. King Barack had promised to transform America with his rhetoric of Hope and Change and people cheered him while others eyed him with an incredulous eye.

There were murders by the races of black and white each blaming the other. One was a young black boy who was snooping around in a neighborhood named Trevon Martin. He got in a fight with a neighborhood watch man who shot and killed him when Trevon attacked him and was banging his head into the pavement. King Barack immediately took the young boy’s side and said if he had a son he would look like Trevon.

In another town a big giant of a bully named Michael Brown manhandled a store worker, stole some cigars and walked out. He later got in a fight with a law enforcement person and went for his gun in the cop’s car. The cop shot him and killed him. Members of the black race claimed the officer shot him in the back while his hands were up but eye witnesses who were of the black race told a different story saying Michael had attacked the officer in his car and went for his gun.

Members of the brown race organized and formed a group called Black Lives Matter and demonstrated throughout the land. Riots and looting ensued everywhere in the land called America.

Meanwhile in the Middle East America’s embassy was attacked by members of a race known as ISIS standing for Islamic State of Iran and Syria. America’s ambassador, his assistant and two marines who left their post to help were killed. King Barack’s Secretary of State named Hillary, whose husband was a past King, said the attack was brought on by a video insulting to the attackers and King Barack had the film maker thrown in jail even though nobody saw the film.

The ISIS group became more powerful recruiting people from all over the world. They were in a 7th century mode of thinking slaughtering and beheading anyone who didn’t  agree with or think like them.

There were attacks  in America killing people by what was called lone wolf attacks by people who sympathized with ISIS. The people of America were becoming scared but King Barack assured them not to worry as he called them the JV team.

People in countries in the Middle East started to flee their countries in droves heading to the continent known as Europe. These people were mostly men between the ages of 18-40 who were leaving the women and children behind in a war zone to fend for themselves. The female chancellor of Germany welcomed a million of the hordes to her land and they proceeded to destroy her country, raping women, destroying property. Their forces to great to be stopped by any police.

In America King Barack was welcoming a vast  multitude of invaders from across his southern border and offered sanctuary to the hordes of fleeing Middle East refugees. The people protested, but the mighty King of questionable background assured them that ISIS had been contained. That night in the European country of France ISIS members attacked and killed hundreds of innocents.

Then two ISIS sympathizers struck in America killing 14 innocent people at an office Christmas party after which police killed them. King Barack visited with the families and attended the terror sympathizers’ funerals to assure they had a proper Islamic burial before heading off to vacation in Hawaii where he supposedly was born even though his birth certificate was a proven forgery.

The people of America were really scared and said this is not the direction they wanted their country to go and questioned as to whose side King Barack was really on calling him a pro muslim anti-American sympathizer. Now amongst all this chaos and division the opposition party to King Barack known as republicans told the people to vote for them and they would repeal all the illegal decrees of King Barack. The people did so and gave them the majority only to be betrayed by them time and time again.

Elections were coming up and out of the opposition party there arose some insurgents. Chief among them was a man of great wealth and personality who hated King Barack and loved America. He went by the name of Donald Trump and was known for building great structures all around the world. He financed his own campaign and promised to build a wall along the 700 miles of southern border and deport millions of the illegal invaders. The Trump man promised to make America great again was very powerful and charismatic drawing tens of thousands of people everywhere he went. Another insurgent was a man in the senate named Ted Cruz. He too loved America and was a patriot and was becoming very popular as was a very well known and respected black doctor neurosurgeon known as Ben Carson. The people all rallied around these insurgent candidates begging them to deliver us from the evil of King Barack.

King Barack’s secretary of state Hillary announced she was running for president too. Hillary was under investigation for deleting thousands of e-mails under subpoena by America’s authorities. She was also known to be a habitual teller of tall tales (liar) even when being first lady under her husband King Bill. Running with Hillary was an elderly Jewish senator named Bernie Sanders who was an admitted socialist leaning more towards communism. These were the people America had to choose from for their next King. Wherefore I say unto you my brethren.  Let us pray.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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