Muslim Girl Criticizes Trump Unfairly!

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In the post Marwa invites Trump to come to her Cancer Awareness walks and to interfaith dinners at her mosque 'where everyone is welcome' 

Recently a Muslim girl penned letter to Donald Trump criticizing him wanting a database and saying Muslims should wear a badge and carry ID cards. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump never said those things. This young lady is repeating things she heard from the leftist media. Notice in her letter below she says “I heard.” The whole question of   Muslim databases was brought up by political correspondent Hunter Walker. The reporter wanted to know if a Trump administration would favor “special identification” for American Muslims as part of a terror-monitoring program.

We’re going to have to – we’re going to have to look at a lot of things very closely,” Trump said. “We’re going to have to look at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully.”

On his radio show recently Rush Limbaugh told his audience:

Everybody in the Drive-By Media is running with this because they think they’ve got Trump again. They’re salivating out there, folks, they are hoping, they’ve got their fingers crossed, they’ve doubled down, they’re putting this story everywhere: Trump sexist, Trump bigoted, Trump anti-Muslim, wants a database; wants to go to their mosques to sign ‘em up; wants to have them carry around symbols on their clothes to tell everybody who they are. And he never said it,” Limbaugh told his audience.

“Should there be databases that track Muslims in this country,” an NBC News reporter asked the businessman at an Iowa campaign stop Thursday night.

“There should be a lot of systems beyond databases. We should have a lot of systems. And today you can do it,” Trump replied. He then attempted to frame the answer in terms of border security and a need to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Limbaugh: Hillary hack’s Trump hit piece gobbled up by media

“I didn’t suggest a database – a reporter did. We must defeat Islamic terrorism & have surveillance, including a watch list, to protect America,” Trump said.

Trump did say the mosques should be looked at closely and we do know for a fact by people who attend them that jihad is taught in those mosques. In other countries weapons are stored in those mosques so Trump is right in that respect.

Here is that girl’s letter and I have a few questions for her after it.

Dear Donald Trump;My name is Marwa and I am a Muslim.  I heard you wanted us to start wearing ID badges so I decided to choose one for myself. I am not easily identifiable as a Muslim just by looking at me so my new badge will let me display proudly who I am. I chose the peace sign because it represents my Islam. The one that taught me to oppose injustice and yearn for unity. The one that taught me  killing one innocent  life is like killing humanity. I heard you want to track us as well. Great! You can come with me on my cancer awareness walks at the local middle school or you can follow me at work where it’s my job to create happiness.  You can also see how my local mosque makes PB&J sandwiches for the homeless and hosts interfaith dinners where everyone is welcome. maybe then you’ll see me being a Muslim does not make me any less an American than you are. Maybe if you walk in my footsteps you will see that I am not less human than you are. Salaamy alaikum.#NotINMYNAME #FightWITHPEACE

Dear Marwa; That is a very nice and endearing letter you wrote ,but very naive. Unfortunately I think you and your mosque is the exception rather than the rule. If your religion is so peaceful I would suggest you direct your criticism to your fellow peaceful Muslims who are beheading Christians overseas. If your religion is so peaceful I would suggest you direct your anger at their establishment of Sharia law that says no woman can go in public without being covered up and without a relative and that if a woman is raped she needs five eye witnesses. I would suggest you direct your anger at your fellow peaceful Muslims who throw gays off of buildings’ rooftops. I would suggest you direct your anger at your fellow peaceful Muslims who stone women for adultery. I would suggest you tell your fellow peaceful Muslims to stop setting up Sharia courts in this nation.  I would suggest you tell your fellow peaceful Muslims to stop with the honor killings. Tell your fellow peaceful Muslims that when in America you assimilate like the original immigrants did that made this country great and abide by our laws.

As far as databases are concerned,Marwa are you aware that every phone call you make,every e-mail you send,every twitter you post and any facebook you post is all recorded and stored by the government  in that big national security building in Utah?

Furthermore Marwa, Trump did not say those things you accuse him of saying. When you write to a person like Mr. Trump make sure you have your facts straight and do research not something you just “heard.”

Muslim Marwa Balkar writes Facebook status to Donald Trump to fight national d


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