Trump and Fox kiss and make up

Tuesday night, Donald Trump buried the hatchet in his feud with Fox News and it wasn’t in anyone’s back. Trump appeared on the O’Reilly Factor which saw a quieter Trump, a more restrained Trump and a Trump that admitted he may have to change to continue his quest for the presidency. It does not mean his message has changed, Not at all. Trump has not soften his approach on those who as he tells it, put this country in the mess that it is in. What has changed is the approach that Donald Trump will use. Say good-bye to the name calling and personal assaults. Trump will hit them where it really hurts, their record.


Tuesday in interviews with the Today Show and CNN, Trump spoke about the “ebb and flow” on how well he is doing in polls and that “how can I continue to lead by such wide margins?” In the latest poll, Trump and Carson are neck and neck at 21% and 20%. Trump though, stated that his appeal has not dwindled “Right now, I’m leading every poll I get the biggest crowds by far. I had 20,000 in Dallas I had 35,000 people in Mobile, Alabama, you know so far it’s looking good…So I will go and if for some reason I think it’s not going to work, I’ll go back to my business.” This was the first time Trump has ever spoke of not winning. Trump continued his thoughts on his campaign on CNN and Fox News. On CNN, Trump even offered a mea culpa stating that at times his personal attack have been “childish” but insisted that the remarks were only done after he said that “I’m responding to them, I’m a counter puncher.”


Tuesday night, Trump cancelled his boycott of Fox News, with an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor. The interview between Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump was once again a restrained appearance. O’Reilly asked about the tax plan that Trump unveiled Monday.  The burning question of Trump’s tax plan is how much will Trump save with his new plan. According to Time Magazine, “Trump, who has reported earnings over an 18-month period of $380 million, is comfortably within that 1%. Depending on his mix of income in a given year, a tax cut that deep could be worth millions to him.” On the O’Reilly Factor, Trump was asked if he would try to try and take a more mature path when talking of his opponents. Trump stated it was maturity but that he planned on calming down the rhetoric but as only done so because he was attacked first. Trump has shown a more retrained version of himself recently but those who are true Trump followers they may miss what they say is the spark of Trump. Time will tell.

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Agnes Lawless Bedard

Agnes Lawless author and journalist , believes that one person can start the tides of change. Involved in her community, Agnes volunteers her time in her non-profit agency, Connect and Nourish, which feeds homeless men and women, (some are our own Veterans), works to ensure voting integrity at her local polling places and is an advocate for her neighborhood. Agnes is a wife, mother and grandmother who still believes that the strength of this country is its families.

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