The Perfect Storm Of Obama

The plague and pestilence that has been visited on this great nation since Obama was elected president is unprecedented.  The debt problem, the spending problem, the borrowing problem, the illegal immigration problem, the joblessness problem, the IRS scandal, the gas price problem, the executive order problem, the education problem, the welfare problem, the dead ambassador, the coal/electricity problem, the Iran nuclear deal that assures the Mullahs will have a nuclear device very soon (and we will pay them hundreds of millions of dollars in addition to allowing them build the bomb that can destroy America and Israel) all have been made worse or were initiated  by Barack Obama in his effort to “fundamentally transform America”.

And keeping in mind the Obama administration’s philosophy of let-no-crisis-go-to-waste, how will Barry respond to a disaster in the form of a terrorist attack on a major American city or a perfect storm natural weather disaster? Will he allow the presidential election to continue on schedule or will he dictatorially halt it?  Will he allow the election to be held and then have his Attorney General declare it null and void (because of supposed Republican vote fraud or the disaster and disruption of a recent storm) if his political party loses?  And what if Biden runs for president in an attempt to protect Obama’s “legacy” and then loses; will he declare Republicans won using voter fraud and nullify the election?

Just watch this fool man use a bad storm or a social upheaval to stay in power.  “We’ve come too far to turn back now” he’s fond of saying, and he may be right in part.  The deficit, the national debt, the Chinese monetary protection schemes, the quantitative easings and the fiscal cliff we are facing may be too much for the nation to overcome, but it’s a cinch that Obama will only make things worse and will make no attempt to make the situation better if the house of cards he’s created begins to crumble and fall: he absolutely will not allow that crisis to go to waste.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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