The Betrayal Of Fox News

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There was a time when ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN ruled the airways for our news. We had Tom Brokaw on NBC, Peter Jennings on ABC and Dan Rather on CBS. Then came CNN which was shown all over the world.  We trusted them and then this new station called Fox News came along founded by Rupert Murdoch and changed everything. They showed us a side we hadn’t seen before and showed us sides of stories the rest of the networks didn’t want us to see and purposely censored from us to further their leftist agenda. Fox grew rapidly and was No.1 with ratings greater than all the other stations combined.  Their motto was “Fair and balanced” which was a further jab in the side of the other networks. Liberals became enraged and started calling FOX  “Faux News”.

During the Clinton years conservative political radio hosts referred to ABC as “All ‘bout Clinton /or All ‘bout Communism,” NBC was “Nothing But Clinton/Communism,” CBS was “the Clinton Broadcasting System or See BS” and CNN became the Clinton/ Communist  News Network” and MSNBC or as talk show host mark Levin calls them “MSLSD” 😀

Critics started saying FOX was the voice of the republican party and acted like it was a terrible thing to report the other side. Liberals had a majority with their TV stations while conservatives had talk radio then along comes FOX and liberals are more enraged and demanded FOX have liberal reporters too.

Fox did add a few liberal reporters and had excellent shows like “Outnumbered” and “The Five” which kept up to their slogan of fair and balanced while the other stations remained one sided. They had Sunday morning shows featuring four liberals and one conservative and they called it “balance.” Fox shows had three conservatives and one liberal on their panels in response.

Everything was going along fine until the republican presidential debate. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump emerged on the scene to run for president. Donald was a tough person. He’s not afraid to look the enemy in the eye and tell you like it is. He could probably make the Iranians back down like Reagan did with the Iranian/American hostage situation that time. He was financing his own campaign so he was not beholding to any big donors or lobbyists. He speaks from the heart without a teleprompter or speech writers. He builds buildings within a budget and meets that budget. He knows how to deal with foreign countries having done so in his building around the world  and  wrote the book called “The Art of the deal.” People gravitated towards him by leaps and bounds because he was fresh, they knew him and he wasn’t your typical politician and could get the job done. He is a tough negotiator and you need that on the world stage today.

Then came the republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News with News anchors Bret Baier, Meghyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. That’s when it started. Instead of giving equal time to all the ten candidates, they concentrated on hurling zingers at Trump very unfairly. Trump responded back firmly as he doesn’t take flack from anybody. In fact if you push him he pushes back harder. The three member panel tried to destroy him, but couldn’t. After the debate conservatives attacked Meghyn Kelly for her scurrilous attacks as well as Chris and Bret’s.

FOX wants Bush in for some reason. He can’t win against a democrat or Hillary. A lot of people are leaving Fox now. Watch their ratings drop. I just learned that Rupert Murdoch retired and his two sons Michael and Lachlan have taken over and they are big leftists having contributed to Obama so watch FOX go further left. This was just the start.

On Friday, Rush Limbaugh began by telling listeners how, on the day of Thursday’s debate, he had learned “that big-time Republican donors had ordered to take out Donald Trump in the debate last night.”

“We all made a mistake,” he explained. “We assumed that the orders went out to the candidates. But the candidates did not make one move toward taking Donald Trump out. The broadcast network did; the candidates didn’t.”

Rush said it was clear that Fox News had it out for Trump when his colleagues refused to pile on, even when given multiple opportunities to bash the front-runner.

“Not one of the remaining nine candidates joined Megyn Kelly in taking the shot at Trump. Not one. Yet we have been told that there were orders from Republican donors to take Trump out.”

If, in addition to targeting Trump, Fox News was indeed looking to get some love and respect from the left and the establishment media with its relentless attacks on Republican candidates in the Thursday night’s debate, it’s mission was accomplished. Rush: ‘Orders from GOP donors to take out Trump ’

The media and much of the rest of the left raved about the performance of Fox moderators Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. All the big libs including Chelsea Clinton praised Fox’s handling of the debate.

  • Washington Post: Columnist Richard Cohen declared, “The only winner I feel confident in naming is Fox News. Political analyst Chris Cillizza declared Fox a winner, calling the moderators “outstanding.” Aaron Blake praised Fox’s “tough” questions and chided conservatives for being mad at Fox, saying “they shouldn’t be.”
  • New York Times: Op-ed columnist Frank Bruni gushed, “It was riveting. It was admirable. It compels me to write a cluster of words I never imagined writing: hooray for Fox News.” And, “This was an inquisition. On this night, the network that pampers Republicans provoked them instead. It was great television, and even better politics.”
  • MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell tweeted, “So far the clear winners are Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace for their q’s.” Former MSNBC host Abby Huntsman tweeted that Kelly “is pretty darn bad a–.”
  • CNN: Brian Stelter cited the “almost unanimously positive reviews” of Fox’s “tough debate questions” by both the media and liberal commentators.
  • BuzzFeed: Editor in chief Ben Smith called Fox News chief Roger Ailes “clearly the winner of this. This is really good TV.”
  • Glenn Greenwald: The liberal journalist tweeted: “Credit where due: these questions from the Fox moderators are almost all quite good.”
  • Scripps News: Washington Bureau Chief Ellen Weiss gave “kudos” to Fox for “asking each candidate tough questions on their weak spots.”
  • Foreign Policy Magazine: managing editor Yochi Dreazen said tough Fox questions left some candidates looking “shell-shocked.”
  • American Public Media: Public radio host Kai Ryssdal wrote, “have to hand it to Fox News moderators for going after their guys.” He tweeted, “@msnbc anchors would not have been – and will not be – as tough on Dems as @FoxNews was on GOP tonight.”
  • Fox: Even the host network declared itself the winner, with patriarch Rupert Murdoch tweeting, “What a fantastic night for USA, democracy, freedom and incidentally Fox News.”

Fox’s focus on itself as the key player in the debates may have been evidenced by the fact that the moderators dominated the on-air time, speaking for 31.7 percent of the two-hour event.

That was far more time than any one candidate received. The average was approximately seven minutes per candidate. Trump, under constant fire from Fox moderators, got the most time at almost 11 minutes.

Why the Fox fixation on itself?

Jeremy Peters of the New York Times offered the theory that Fox saw it as a chance to gain respect and recognition from its leftist peers in the media, although he put it in terms that sympathized with that ambition

“For the journalists of Fox News, the debate offered a potentially defining moment in front of millions of people, during one of the most anticipated political events of the year,” he wrote.

“This was an opportunity to demonstrate that their network is not, as its critics have charged, a blindly loyal propaganda division of the Republican Party, that Fox journalists can be as unsparing toward conservatives as they are with liberals, and that they can eviscerate with equal opportunity if they choose.”

So will liberals now embrace FOX News and conservatives refer to it as Faux News now like liberals use to?  Fox has clearly shown they will fold at the drop of a hat if the winds change and the pressure is right which they did. The republican donors want someone they can control. They can’t control Trump since he’s financing himself hence they say he has to go. Never mind what’s good for the country.

Opinion appeared evenly divided on whether Trump helped or hurt himself.

But, according to the Drudge Report poll, as of early Friday evening, he was the landslide winner.

The clear losers? GOP establishment favorites Bush and Christie. If republicans run Bush they  lose. If they run Christie they lose. The only ones who stand a chance in my opinion are Ted Cruz, Trump and Carly Fiorina if she runs against Hillary which I’d love to see. Here’s the Drudge report poll results:

  • Trump: 44.67 percent (258,414 votes)
  • Cruz: 14.37 percent (83,159 votes)
  • Rubio: 10.46 percent (60,497 votes)
  • Carson: 8.92 percent (51,617 votes)
  • Paul: 6.09 percent (35,213 votes)
  • Kasich: 5.25 percent (30,396 votes)
  • Walker: 3.51 percent (20,318 votes)
  • Huckabee: 3.37 percent (19,512 votes)
  • Bush: 2.07 percent (11,987 votes)
  • Christie: 1.28 percent (7,401 votes)

Here are few comments I agree with
wlrpaul • 17 minutes ago

the RINO party long ago told America, it will side with the marxist left to deny Americans their Republic, they told us all that we have no voice and if they want to take this country apart and hand it over to the globalists they will do it, and NOBODY can do a blessed thing to stop them.

Hence a TRUMP, someone who will only gain in stature, who will only gain in the number of people supporting him.

Trump IS what remains of America. The rest of them: TRAITORS of the highest order who need to be in front of a court for their crimes. The Rosen bergs perished for less.

IMBO • 44 minutes ago

I don’t care what any of news people had to say at this game show. I still think Trump is the man to get the job done. I guess we will see come election time. We may even find out during the next few weeks.

Randy  JIMBO • 16 minutes ago

I’m not sure yet Jimbo, but at this point I’m still with Trump. followed by Carly, Ted(maybe), Ben, possibly Scott and Rick. Not necessarily in that order.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. A few points:
    First, the math: “the moderators dominated the on-air time, speaking for 31.7 percent of the two-hour event. That was far more time than any one candidate received.” – uh, three moderators, 10 candidates. No one candidate could get 31.7% of the time unless just they, the moderators and two candidates were on the stage… If you wanted to make some sort of odd statement about how much time the moderators took, why not look at how long they took to ask each question and how long each candidate had to answer it. I think you’ll find that the candidates took more time than the moderators. After all.. it does take time to phrase a question properly.

    Second, Fox can’t be favorable to democrats and be the news station of the GOP at the same time. Gotta’ pick one my friend. Otherwise the argument defeats itself.

    I think too many are defending Trump when there is no need. It was a debate, he was the front-runner. Did you want him to get softball questions? If you did, then perhaps you just don’t want to understand your candidate – which puts you on an equal playing field with the Clintonistas, Bushtesr, Obamazombies and more.

    My candidate got some hard questions and failed to meet my expectations. I learned that I need to broaden my scope and see who else is out there – lest I be narrow-minded.

    Either Trump will sharpen his skills on stage and in the press or he’ll go under by his own hand. You don’t get to whine when you’re seeking the presidency. It makes you look weak.

    1. Do the Math? Well, do the math, J. !!

      120 minutes times 31.7% is 38 minutes divided by 3 is 12.68 minutes for each moderator? Did any one Candidate get more that 12 and 1 third minutes of time? Furthermore, the moderators collectively represent FOX NEWS as opposed to each Candidate that represented only himself! Flaws in your logic!

      I am not supporting Trump – at this time it is too early to decide – but I am OPPOSED to the phoniness of FOX News as the voice of true Americanist ideology!! It is “Controlled Opposition” (of the communist World Government LEFT) meant to manipulate the masses! You are going t see more and more of this kind of NeoConservatism (Trotsky Communism)!

      Your OPINIONS duly noted; I disagree completely!

      And bravo to Jim for an excellent assessment of FUX News!

      1. Each moderator would theoretically be responsible for 3.33 candidates. If each moderator got 12.68 minutes, then each candidate should have gotten 4.12 – pretty sure that lines up. I have no idea why we’ve turned this into a math test. If the candidates had gotten an extra 10 seconds more or less – would it have made a difference? For whom?

    2. The math part with the 31% wasn’t from me but in the article I was quoting from on World Net Daily which is why I had it in italics and highlited in the article. I never said it was the arm of the GOP,but said critics who opposed FOX said it was.

  2. Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Counsel on Foreign Relations. I did not see a listing of either of his sons but it doesn’t matter as they are Leftists.

    I keep saying this – Controlled opposition. Fox News has had the appearance of a conservative outlet but as usual when the moment is right they will and HAVE betrayed the cause! Count on it!


    1. I am too until they get totally liberal like the rest. I do like Greta,O’Reilly and Sean and shows like Outnumbered and The Five.

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