Poll: Trump still polarizing, Carson and Walker largely unknown

Trump struggles with unfavorable numbersThe latest 2016 presidential candidate poll might give some hope to the Walker and Carson campaigns, but others like Trump have something to worry about.

Trump is seeing his best – and worst – numbers yet while Ben Carson and Scott Walker struggle because voters don’t feel that they know enough about them.

A poll released by Fox News on Monday night shows that while Trump is continuing to add to his support, more republican voters are also continuing to entirely reject him.

Trump’s support in the Fox News poll grew to 34% – his highest rating so far. Unfortunately for the Donald, the percentage of respondents that “would never vote for” him is at a statistically equal 33%. It will be difficult for Trump to win the nomination if one third of registered voters are not willing to give him another look.

Trump is not suffering from lack of exposure. When respondents were asked about Donald, only 10% said they needed more information to make a decision. That leaves precious few people for the billionaire candidate to sway and just just six months left to do it.

Ben Carson and Scott Walker have a different problem. While Trump is enjoying the fruits of his widespread celebrity and incredible over-exposure by the media, Dr. Carson and Gov. Walker are getting a slower start for the opposite reasons.

Today’s Fox poll showed that more than 40% of respondents said that they needed “more information” before they could decide on Carson and Walker. Both candidates had very few poll participants that would absolutely not vote for them as Carson led with 13% that could never vote for him while Walker had only 9% of those polled that would find anyone else to vote for.

The political season has just got underway and Americans are also just getting engaged. The same poll says that only 31% of those polled are “very interested” in the 2016 elections at this point. At the height of presidential elections, 50%+ of those polled are that focused.

Americans are not yet fully-engaged which gives lesser known candidates an advantage. As the political season grows more fierce, more will become engaged. This Thursday’s debate might just give the lesser-seen a chance to even the playing field with television’s favorite billionaire candidate.

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