“657 New Islands Discovered Worldwide”

According to scientists, 657 new islands were recently discovered worldwide.  This of course means that our prescient president could claim that he was correct when he declared at his election that the oceans would fall and the earth would heal with him in charge.  Our Barry may be too modest to take credit for also halting global warming, as well as lowering the oceans, (neither of which things is actually happening, but he’s still making hay over them, so he’s not finished demagoging them yet) but our Barry could illogically claim to have caused these miracles to occur if he didn’t have further political use to make of the issues later.
So now, with the environmental evidence in front of us, will he attempt to take credit for lowering the oceans and halting global warming and go away and leave us alone?  Not likely.  America still has a trace of an economy left and a few people are still employed, so he’ll stick around and destroy what’s left of the remainder of our prosperity first.  But when the coal industry and coal-fired power plants are outlawed, and when Obama hands our nation off to the United Nations so they can wreak havoc on us and begin to tax and regulate us to oblivion, then his job will be done and he will be able to relax and retire, knowing he has indeed “fundamentally transformed America”.  Who can say our Barry is an incompetent failure with this successful track record?


Actually, to anyone with any common sense, the discovery of these newly formed islands would disprove the idiot notion of a rising ocean and pending disaster from water encroachment into coastal areas around the world, because no streets in New York’s Wall Street area, nor anywhere else, are under water nor are they threatened with rising water.  Liberals are fools and fear mongers, but what can you do?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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