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Silence Kills Americans

Silence is NOT golden when it comes to Domestic Abuse !!   Broken bones and bruises, in time, will heal. The mental scars may never ‘be well’ again.  Many victims develop what’s known as “Stockholm Syndrome”. becoming totally dependent on the abuser and accept these inflections as normal.  There are numerous forms of abuse and the trails of destruction it leaves in the wake is almost scatological in nature and stings our very senses…..Knowing this is wrong in every aspect, Why is it that we are so timid and reluctant to only speak of it in whispers?  Are we actually waiting for our silence to kill?


Perhaps you think that you don’t know anyone that is being abused daily.  Think again!  You, as well as I and every other American that love our beautiful Nation are victims of domestic abuse  !!    Right Now !!! As you are reading this, ‘our’ government is bloated with false power and gorging itself on our liberties.  “They” are shredding our Constitution and wiping their filthy big boots on our Bill of Rights and pursuit  of happiness!!   We are shrouded in Political Correctness as we are being assaulted from all directions.  “They” have invaded  our schools, courts, churches and even want to tell us what to eat!  Is our bedroom next?
Our very lifelines in grave danger. Our economy is on the verge of collapsing, energy production is stifled, unemployment is stagnant and foreign policy has become the laughing stock of other nations. We have a dwindling Department of Defense and National Security.  Who knows what our ‘trade policy’ is?  All of these are vital,…..Still new mandates and regulations pelt us daily !  At this rate there will be nothing left for our children!  How can we possibly remain silent any longer ??  IF we wish to again have the exceptional status in the eyes of the world, WE MUST SPEAK NOW !   Muted groans and whispered complaints will not stave off this abuser any longer….That ‘fundamental change” Obama promised is drawing dangerously close! 
“We the People” power can prevail.  That’s the can in American !  It will take each and every one of you (and all your cousins) speaking up in loud outside voices.  No one individual can be effective trying to tackle them all.  Choose the issue you feel is priority, directing your energy to it.  We have many good conservative organizations you can contact. Get to know your subject for yourself.   Letters and emails to the legislators on that particular committee are also effective. (venture out of your state)  Engage your friends and family. There is something every one can do and it doesn’t all require money….Just Do it !
My personal ‘issue’ is our Borders and un-vetted ‘refugees Obama is sending invitations to. (note: In May alone at tax payers expense more than 800 Somalians were ‘relocated’ in Minnesota )  I define those with legal visas as immigrants, those without, as migrants, illegal and criminal trespassers.  I have spent the better part of the last decade trying to get our borders  secured.   The hesitancy of government to do so is incomprehensible to me…..We lock the doors to our homes and often fence our yards to keep out the thugs down the street or across town out.  We expect that even our ‘good’ neighbors respect this as they do the same.   So, why should the doors to our homeland be slung wide open to allow unwanted, uninvited people in ? 
Sans enforcement, laws are useless and chaos is inevitable.  We have laws that if enforced would correct many of the problems that we now face…We have law officers willing to enforce them if allowed to do so.  This administration has gone out of its allotted way to prohibit them from doing their job. 
Some of my most reliable sources have been  Retired Border Agents, current agents, Sheriffs in Texas & Arizona, Texas Border Volunteers, Center for Immigration Studies, ALPAC, Pew Hispanic Association, F.A.I. R., Texas Board of Prisons, and, of course, those most valuable individuals living closer to the borders willing to share their experiences. Also a few of my own encounters.  If it can’t be fact checked before hand, I will not use it without prequalifying.  The following are some key facts:
  • January 2014 before the June influx of unaccompanied minors the Federal Government let a contract out for bid that required both land and air transportation for such minors, multi lingual adult attendants able to care for and handle minor medical needs for approximately 6500 unaccompained minor children.  To begin approximately June 1, 2014.
  • ICE records show that they released 30,558 convicted illegal aliens in 2014. They included 79,059 crimes, 175 homicides, 373 sexual assaults (inc. children) 186 kidnappings, and 14,014 drunk/impaired driving offenses.  As of March 2015 another 10,246 illegal criminal aliens were released.  This is down by 32%  over last year !
  • ICE continues NOT to notify victims as required, but prioritizes the safety of the criminal first.   Also is slow to even notify local law enforcement who is being placed in their jurisdiction.
  • ICE records indicate that only 2,457 of 30,558 releases were classified as Zedvydas.  These are criminals that their own country of origin refuses to let them back in.
  • MS-13 gang member, Rangel-Hernandez arrested on drug charges and scheduled for deportation was shielded by the administration and released. Now is charged with four murders in Charlotte. NC.  There are at least 6000 known member in the United States.
  • In May of this year, the Mexican Consulate had a mobile unit in Odessa, Texas. They ‘set up shop’ in a local bakery for the purpose of helping ‘illegal’ Mexicans to ‘come out of the shadows’ to register and receive legal Identification Cards issued by Mexico that allow them to avoid deportation.  I could not get answers as to ‘how’ this was possible.  I was told that this unit was making stops throughout the United States.  There was no ‘public’ announcement prior to their arrival, yet lines formed outside the Mexican owned bakery.
These criminal trespassers are not all from Mexico. They come from all over the world.  The Border Agents in the Del Rio section report that they apprehend only about 30% of those crossings and more are from African countries, China, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq. 
A friend related the story of a neighbor living in rural Arizona, near the border.  She was driving home down the dirt road and suddenly about 20 men jumped out and swarmed her truck, demanding she take them to nearest Border Station…..they were from India.
A man living on the Texas Border east of Laredo Tx tells us his 16 year old daughter went to the barn to feed her horse one morning and there were 5-6 men sleeping in the stall and her horse turned out. 
Other American citizens tell of finding these criminal trespassers sleeping on their porches, destroying fences, breaking into their homes, killing their livestock.  It goes on and on and has ended in death for one rancher, Robert Krentz, in Arizona, that was simply repairing the damage they’d done to his cattle’s water supply.  Border Agent Bryan Terry was killed while in pursuit of  “Fast and Furious’ suspects.  Border Agent Nicholas also lost his life defending us at ‘our’ front door.   A Border Agent, on his day off, was fishing with his family on the river was gunned down in front of them by ‘criminal’ trespassers’ crossing to ‘our’ homeland. 
If this Domestic Violence is allowed to continue our children will know a life time of abuse.  Please answer this 911 call….let your voice be heard.
These American Citizens are living in fear…..not freedom.
“If words cannot repay the debt we owe those that died for us, surely with our actions we must strive to keep faith with them and their vision that led them to their final sacrifices” Ronald Reagan 1982
In Prayer for our Nation
Jan Brown

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