Immigration then and Now

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When immigrants first came to this country and made it into one of the greatest countries on earth, they came to get a better life for themselves and their families. They learned the language and assimilated. They worked hard maybe 12-15 hours a day and no holidays. Over the years into the late 20th century that changed.

Thanks to liberal policies by both Bushes and Clinton and now, made worse by Obama, a new immigrant emerged.  They want handouts and refuse to learn the language or assimilate.  They are bringing their customs here and expecting us to abide by them or be considered racist. Naturally our lily livered politicians give in for fear of being labeled racist and anti-semetic.

These new immigrants are getting free healthcare, free welfare, free education and numerous other benefits. They are coming in here by the millions and no real border security. Drug lords are smuggling in millions of pounds of drugs daily through tunnels underneath they built themselves and open borders. Along with this mass migration new diseases are coming in such as the entero virus that can paralyze you and cause breathing problems and diseases that have since been vanquished in this country such as measles, chicken pox and polio are back.

Obama is the worst transgressor in allowing this to happen due to his hatred for America. His father and step father both instilled their neo-colonial views in him blaming America and white people for all the problems in the world which he himself now believes and after spending 20 years in Rev. Wrights’ church listening to his anti-American sermons. Just read Obama’s book Dreams From My father or listen to an audio reading of it by him and you can see his distain for white people. For this Obama says America must be punished.

Obama is letting people in by the millions including 77,000 muslims per year from various muslim countries. Thousands of little kids came across the Mexican border recently by themselves and were distributed to various parts of the country. Where were their parents? Obama is having border guards change diapers and care for infants that come across rather than protecting our borders. Recently Obama has appointed open border/amnesty advocate Cecilia Munoz to replace Melody Barnes as the head of the Domestic Policy Council. Munoz, a strong supporter of the failed DREAM Act, is the former senior vice president for the radical open-border National Council of La Raza. For those of you not familiar with La Raza, it is Spanish for “the Race” and is a radical group that calls for the extermination of white people and to reclaim the western states that were taken from them they claim was part of Mexico. This is the type of people Obama puts in power.

The census has a new report that says by the year 2044 whites will be in the minority. Whites will be 49% of the population and minorities will be over 50% led by Hispanics at 25% and African Americans at 12%.There will be a total of 51 million new immigrants in here in the next 8 years.  Where are we going to put everyone and what happens when they all start reproducing? Is there anyone left in the other countries or is everyone here now? There are currently over 100 languages spoken here. We truly have turned into a tower of Babel, a society that has gone completely insane with a sense of entitlement.

Here is a great comment I recently saw that sums it up: illegaldestroyer 9 months ago

Our immigration system is no longer benefiting our country. We need fewer immigrants and a higher quality of immigrant. Allowing illegal aliens from Central America with parasites, diseases, no education, and who can’t speak English is NOT the way to go.

Census: Record 51 million immigrants in 8 years, will account for 82% of U.S.

Ray Stevens – Come to the USA – YouTube (listen to Ray tell the truth about immigration in his own catchy tune way. 😀

Obama Appoints La Raza Radical to Control Domestic Policy – …



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