How A Republican Handles Discrimination

Well, here we go again, there are two words that I have heard more times in the past five years, than I have heard my entire life, racist and discrimination. It seems like our buddies on the left love calling everyone who do not think like them or do not believe what they believe a racist and are discriminating against them.

After this past week’s hoopla in Indiana, it seems to me that those Lefties who were crying are the ones who are the “intolerant bigots,” and we should have laws to protect us from idiots like them. As all this was going on I started thinking, was I ever discriminated against, so I thought back to twice in my life that I could recall, once because I wasn’t a woman, the other because I wasn’t Greek.

The first time that I can remember was when I was moving out on my own, the year was 1971 and I was 19 years old. I am from Manhattan in New York City, but the rents were too high so I went out to Astoria in the burrow of Queens. It was unfamiliar territory so I walked into the first real estate office near the subway. I walked in and said to the man behind the desk that I was looking for an apartment, right away I see him looking me over, giving me the once over. First words out of his mouth were “are you Greek?”

Now I knew exactly what he was doing, he was Greek and he wanted to keep his neighborhood Greek, but I said no anyway. He just looked at me and said four-hundred dollars a month. Now I know that sounds like a cheap rent, but in 1971 it was high, especially for a kid just out of high school, so I said thanks and left. I walked down a few blocks to the Italian neighborhood and got one for one-thirty a month.

The second time was in the early 1980’s, I was in sales at the time and was on a job interview. After about 20 minutes the interviewer says, “Chris you have a great resume and you have the qualifications, but I really wanted a woman for this job.” I said that’s fine, we talked a few more minutes and I left, after all a man can hire who ever he wants, after all it is his business. Just a side comment here, the want ads used to be broken down to “men wanted’ and “women wanted” but they passed a law a few years before that that was discriminatory, if the government would have stayed out of it, it would have saved both of us a lot of time.

If you noticed anything about those two stories, is that I understood the other persons point of view, whether it was the Greek real estate agent who was looking out for his neighborhood, or the business owner wanting a specific type of employee, I just moved on and got what I wanted some where else.

It’s a big world, if you can’t get what you want from one place, there will be another place down the road. It seems to me that every time the government tries to make it fair for one group, it makes it unfair to another, so the government needs to stay out. Should a Christian baker be compelled to deliver a cake to a same-sex wedding ceremony he finds objectionable? There are other bakeries, are there not?

Some Christians and Jews and Muslims will continue to oppose same-sex marriage because of their religion, that is their right, or it should be.

We can have a fair society or a free society, we cannot have both, it seems like America is turning away from the free society so not to hurt anyone’s feelings and it’s a shame.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. While reading of your experience with ‘discrimination I reached back to 1956 when I was the bride of an American Soldier at Ft Lewis Washington looking for an apartment. When calling on the phone, as soon they learned my husband was military they were very open and said “I don’t rent to military. You folks are too unreliable”. We went to look at another (with an appointment) As soon as the man saw my husbands uniform he said the apartment was already rented and added that he didn’t want ‘killers’ there. It was a very very long time before I understood. Now I accept the fact the ignorance doesn’t discriminate……Also, just as we set the ‘rules’ in our homes, we should be able to do in our businesses.

    There was a young man (Water’sWorld style) that went to 3 Muslim owned bakeries in Dearborn, Mich., posed as a gay man ordering a wedding cake…he was refused at all 3……no outcry by LGBT here!!!!

    Even at my ‘advanced years’ I have left a sliver of Pollyanna left and wonder what would be if we spent some time looking for ‘what we do have in common with those that are different rather than what we don’t.

    Your opinion is important, so is mine.
    Even when we differ, we can still be
    good traveling companions on the
    road to a shared destination

  2. I think we can all site incidents of so-called discrimination. It is our human nature – in fact, it is an aspect of every creature to discriminate. I would even go so far as to say it is an unalienable right to discriminate. Without discrimination nothing in nature would survive. I’m not saying we as humans should be hateful and mean – A right is NOT a right when it infringes upon someone else’s rights. Maybe that sounds like contradiction to the previous statements but it is not. No one owes me a living. No one owes me a service. No one owes me respect beyond that of simply being human and the respect of human life.

    When the Declaration of Independence speaks of all men being created equal clearly it isn’t suggesting we are all equal in every respect. We are all alike and yet different and you only need look at a crowd of faces to see this. We are all equally human but we are not equally qualified. We are all of the same value as human but we are not all equally capable. We are all at least as intelligent as the next species down the ladder but some of us grow up and mature while other remain irrational children all of their lives.

    It’s time to grow up and face the fact that life isn’t fair – it isn’t even guaranteed! Not everyone is going to like me! I’m a big enough boy to accept that and I’m mature enough not to let it upset me.

  3. Chris you wouldn’t lie if you needed to like the left. They understand that the truth hurts in their quest to get there by any means. They would have slapped Zorba up beside the head and bent him over and said how Greek do you need me to be? As for that man in need of Sara you would need to type cast differently, no pun intended.
    The left would shout fire until in a movie theater until the cows come home then go find Mrs Oleary’s cow to blame. That bovine is from Chicago so they would be all over that home run. They are non discriminate when it comes to discrimination because no one tells them the truth they need to be told. Do you ever think that just one time the White House press corp would ever tell the spokesman that he was full of shit or ever ask him if he really had the balls to look himself in the mirror before he went to bed? It isn’t going to happen so we live with the rules and know what they have been told carries all the merit of bird droppings. The media for all its worth are just a bunch of worthless puppets and little else. Do you honestly believe anything that is said from this administration…ever. Obama always takes Christianity to task because he is a closet Muslim. Megyn Kelly said that Obama changed his platform from 2012 when he said things differently. Ah Yes…because he was running for office. Doesn’t anybody get this bullshit artist? I will tell you what ever I need to in order to get elected Folks. My name is Barry and I have lied all my life why should I change now? I’m your President! You my people are my useful idiots! Thank you all! Will I lie about how you discriminate and how I seek ways to divide and weaken you. You are damn straight I will and there isn’t shit you can do about it. That Chris is the inhumane way to tell it. Very unprofessional. But to be honest these days with what’s going on…it’s the goddamn truthful way that so many people can finally see it by. I think even God has had enough of these characters.

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