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Why the government struggles with your health

For decades, Americans have paid attention to the government when making food and health decisions – are Americans sure they’re getting the best advice?

Margarine good, butter bad .. until recently. Now, scientists know how to fix your genes to live longer, but…

Bottled-water good – then bad. Margarine good, then basically a chemically-engineered plastic with no benefits, anti-psychotic drugs helpful then found at the root of many mass-murders and other violent offenses. Does the American government really understand what causes health and safety issues or is the government finding ways to shorten your life without you realizing it?

Death panels (yeah, they’re real), new findings from the government saying that frequent and early mammograms aren’t that helpful and reversals on food choices that seem odd, if not questionable.

Anatomy_and_physiology_of_animals-human_chromosomeNow, scientists have announced that they can extend life eternally (or nearly so) by modifying chromosomes.

The key to eternal life could be a procedure to lengthen chromosomes.

The procedure would allow scientists to lengthen telomeres, the protective caps that are on the end of chromosomes and shorten with age.

Fantastic news! Unless your a government tasked with paying benefits to your elderly based on the revenues from the under-employed youth.

This is a long-discussed issue – too many on benefits being supported by too few producing revenues. Whether discussing medicare, social security, Obamacare or other government benefits, the concern is the same – the government does not want you hanging around longer than you can produce revenue.

Will the government allow such gene therapy knowing that it will simply increase costs while not enhancing revenue?

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Rich Mitchell

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