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Obama Legacy: No one wants to work

Almost everyone agrees that the policies of the current administration are not conducive to job creation. What’s really eye-opening is that the current policies are causing a huge portion of Americans to find work undesirable.

So why are more Americans not seeking work? The Pew Research Center has the answer:

You might think legions of retiring Baby Boomers are to blame, or perhaps the swelling ranks of laid-off workers who’ve grown discouraged about their re-employment prospects. While both of those groups doubtless are important (though just how important is debated by labor economists), our analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data suggests another key factor: Teens and young adults aren’t as interested in entering the work force as they used to be, a trend that predates the Great Recession.

The youngest of the nations’ working aged people are increasingly disinterested in finding work. Many in small business have also noticed an increasing number of new hires that just don’t have any drive once they have the job.

Some Americans remember asking for permission to work before they hit the age of 16. Most had jobs for extra money during high school. Very few from the previous generations would consider finding work “undesirable.”

What has led the nation’s new youth to find work offensive when their elders found being out-of-work to be embarrassing?

The culture of government dependency is likely the answer. Why work when the government will provide healthcare, a paycheck, food and a place to live? Strange that those same promises made in nations like Russia, Cuba and Venezuela instead lead to a nation of poor people with no way out.

As is proven by the numbers, America is not different. This nation requires a motivated workforce to invent, produce and consume. Anyone of working age not doing at least two of the three is taking more wood off the proverbial American wood pile than they are putting on. They are takers and an embarrassment to the country.

EBT cards have made the “green stamps” of yesteryear obsolete. They have also removed the stigma of using a page of stamps to pay for basic groceries. They also allow holders to buy fast food, junk snacks and sodas – not the basic needs for survival.

Being unproductive is no longer embarrassing. Adults living with their parents is common. Government benefits and pay are better than what many small businesses can offer. Is it really any surprise that a ton of Americans would really rather not work.

Government subsistence is no longer temporary or undesirable – working is.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Never in history has Marxist policy increased the standard of living for a nation. As a matter of fact it has greatly reduced it—every single time. So Mr. Progressive, begin your tirade—history still says you’re a lunatic to believe somehow, this time Marxist policy will be successful.

    And the next anti reason statement from the Progressive will be that Obama is not a Marxist. Feel free to look up the definition of Marxism. From each according to ability—to each according to need. Like ACA—where one who earns more supplements with higher premiums for one who does not. And attempted takeover of means of production. Demanding businesses follow this proposed policy or that one for the “inequality” of pay on whatever victim they choose for that week.

    Marxism. Exactly the above. And with continued implementation we will continue to plummet. As it was once said: “Eventually you run out of other peoples’ money.” Obama’s entire agenda was to take from the producer and give to the non producer. That’s what he has done since day one. And we have an entire youth that is fine with it—as long as they have enough for a shack and bottle of vodka. And pretty soon the rest of us will look like Russia as well.

    I predict total economic collapse in my fiction followed by tyranny. Not because I’m a sage, but because I based my work on this wonderful professor known as History. And the thing with this lecturer is he tends to repeat himself on the podium.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

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