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Ferguson Prosecutor: Officer Wilson Will Not Be Indicted

Monday night, Ferguson, Missouri Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced that the Grand Jury looking into the evidence of the Michael Brown shooting had found no probable cause to try Officer Wilson for any crime.

In a press conference beginning at approximately 8:14pm Central Time, Mr. McCulloch began by pledging his sympathy to the Brown family for their loss. McCulloch then painstakingly described the process that the grand jury undertook to come to its decision.

Revealing a flurry of competing witness accounts, changing witness testimony and witness accounts that simply did not line up with the physical evidence, the prosecutor outlined the evidence that was reviewed by the grand jury.

In response to the decision, the Brown family commented that they were “profoundly disappointed” with the outcome.

Despite the urging of the media present  at the announcement, Mr. McCulloch refused to release the vote count or more detailed demographics of the grand jury saying that the process is secretive by design and that he was not privy to the vote count nor is the grand jury allowed to release the final count.

The prosecutor also confirmed that testimony and evidence will be released to the public for their review.

The grand jury could have chosen to indict Officer Wilson on any of five counts ranging from murder in the first degree to manslaughter. The jurors found no evidence pointing to criminal behavior by the officer.

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  1. Ferguson is an excellent example why our founders hated democracy, the rule of the majority or the angry mob! Mob mentality is rarely motivated by common sense and real justice. They rarely seek out the facts and the evidence. If there was no rule of law, presided over by our Constitutional Republic, the angry mob in Ferguson would have taken Bob McCulloch out and hanged him long ago. As it is they have taken to the streets and expressed destruction on their own community and upon people who have no real connection to the case.

    Those who think we are a democracy and that we should spread democracy throughout the world need to look hard and long at the raw face of democracy in Ferguson. They should also understand how our Republic Rule of Law still works!

    Apparently there just wasn’t the facts to cause a group of reasonable thinking people to come to the conclusion McCulloch broke the law. Those who disagree only have enough brains to know they are angry that a black man was killed by a white man! Who are the racists….?

    1. My Mistake, Officer Wilson not Prosecutor Wilson tho I’m sure they would like to hang him too….

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