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ISIS Releases Full Length Movie -Watch “Flames Of War: Fighting Has Just Begun” Here

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We seek to come closer to Allah by sacrificing our blood and our lives.

ISIS has released its first real propaganda response to President Obama “broad coalition” and repeated threats to contain, degrade, destroy, and otherwise attempt to impede the Islamic State from expanding their self-proclaimed caliphate. Coming in at just under an hour, Flames of War is narrated in English and is full of calls for jihad as well as the usual glorification of death, destruction, executions, mounds of dead bodies, and plenty of explosions. All of which appear now to be an essential element of the spirit of ISIS. There can be no doubt that ISIS revels in its fearsome reputation for brutality and cruelty and we are even treated to a guest appearance of “John the beheader” as well as some cameos of Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama. This is a film that is definitely made for consumption and viewing by those in the West.

Youtube keeps pulling it as being violation of their terms of service, so you’ll have to settle for this link at Daily Motion.

The simple fact is that a well-funded and equipped army of 30,000 plus strong complete with a worldwide network of sleeper cells and numerous sympathizers is capable of guerrilla warfare techniques against U.S. Citizens on U.S. Soil and abroad, and is threatening to carry out religious jihad against America. There is no doubt that as they continue to grow in size and strength they become a potential threat to the United States and civilized peoples everywhere.  Even if you believe that they aren’t currently an imminent threat, one would think it’s important to be preemptive when dealing with such savages.

There is a point where humanity much unite together to fight such types of people simply because of who they are and what they believe. You cannot simply ignore ISIS and hope they go away. They must be dealt with whether we like it or not. The ideology of death or conversion at the point of the sword is one the West should be willing to grind into the hot sands of the Middle East without mercy or a second thought. The world once vowed “never again” and has failed to live up to that promise time and time again. Perhaps this newly arisen incarnation of an old foe will be the catalyst for the West and its local allies in the region to eradicate such barbarians once and for all. This generational war will continue indefinitely unless ISIS in particular, and Islamofascism in general, is smashed completely and the clear message is sent that those who wage Jihad will be exterminated anytime they raise their heads and once again wade through the rivers of blood of their victims.



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