So I’m A Racist, So What

Well, here we go again, Eric Holder is falling back to his favorite catch phrase, calling people racist who disagree with him and his buddy Obama. I really think Holder keeps a tape recorder in his pocket and plays it back whenever someone disagrees with him, all it says is, you’re a racist, you’re a racist. This must be the seventh or eighth time he has been using the race card and there is no end in sight, until Obama leaves office that is.

Calling people racists appears to be a full time job for Democrats, hey, it’s not my fault Obama is an inept president, I didn’t vote for the guy. Obama’s failed policies seem to make everyone that disagrees with them a racist. When Justice Thomas was persecuted and ridiculed by the left, why weren’t they called racist? What about Condoleezza Rice, the left let her have it good, but where was the charge of racism then? It appears to me either everyone on the right are racist, or the left are nothing but hypocritical phony liars, I think we know the answer to that.

Since Obama came into office, he has been a president of division, his whole strategy was to come in and divide a nation, well he has certainly succeeded in that, it is probably the only thing he has been successful at, which is dividing the country. Class warfare, race warfare, economic warfare, you name it, anything that will divide us, Obama will give it his undivided attention and if you disagree, you are a racist.

A good leader comes into office and brings people together; he is a uniter, not a divider. A good leader also takes responsibility for what goes on in the country, has Obama ever taken responsibility for anything? All he does is criticize, condemn and complain, usually blaming either Bush or the Republican Party, nothing is ever his fault. Therefore, we are a country without a leader, a president who loves the perks of the job, without ever doing the job. After six years in office, Obama still has no clue about what a president is supposed to do, why he still has a 41% approval rating is beyond me, it should be down in the 20% range.

I am going to blunt here, I think Obama sucks as a president, he is even worse than Jimmy Carter and I never thought I would see a worse president than him, as a matter of fact, Carter is probably one of the happiest about Obama becoming president, because he knocks Jimmy out of the top spot. I know I am a racist for saying that, but so what.

I also think that people should have a photo I.D. to vote and that Affirmative Action is not only wrong but unconstitutional as well, Once again, I am a racist, but so what. I am sure that there are many other things that would make me a racist in the eyes of Eric Holder, but so what. If my views and my beliefs make me a racist in Holders eyes, so what, the left is not going to shame me into shutting-up, which is what they constantly try to do.

There is no doubt that the Obama administration is incompetent and corrupt and they try to hide it by calling people racist to cover up their failures. Hey, Eric Holder, you don’t have to tell me, I know, I am a racist for saying that, to that I say, so what, who cares what Holder thinks anyway.

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Eric-Holder-Race-CardThis is one man’s opinion.

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