Putin, Islam, and the End of Western Civilization

As recent events demonstrate, the end of the Western Civilization as we know it is in sight.

By the “Western civilization” I mean the countries of Western Europe, North America, Israel, and the democratic, capitalist countries of East Asia and Oceania, including Japan, South Korea, and Australia, as well as the community of those nations as a whole, its system of beliefs, family model, economic system, and common norms of the conduct of nations and the rights of individuals.

All of that is now in grave peril.

Aggressors such as Russia, China, and Islamic terrorists stage one aggression or provocation after another, and all they receive in response is, at best, a mildly-worded condemnation and symbolic sanctions; at worst, no consequences whatsoever and fear of even naming the aggressors and provocators by name.

Treasonous, destructive ideologies – pacifism, isolationism, “free trade”, liberalism, feminism, statism, socialism, communism, “social democracy” – are poisoning and corrupting both Western populations and the Western political classes. Liberal, pacifist, socialism-oriented billionnaire traitors and the NGOs (“pressure groups” and “advocacy groups”) funded by them are destroying the West from within.

Western populations are increasingly dependent on, and quite willing to live off, government handouts – financed by taxpayers but steered by politicians, who are only too happy to oblige in exchange for votes.

“Western” education systems are run by anti-Western, anti-American, socialist traitors who indoctrinate Western children into believing their countries, and the West at large, are evil and have committed unspeakable crimes, while whitewashing the evil regimes of the Soviet Union, its satellites, Communist China, North Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Saddam’s Iraq, and Cuba. Socialism and pacifism are hailed as the way to go; capitalism is universally portrayed as a system of exploitation of one man by another, and “peace through strength” as warmongering. Russia, China, North Korea, and their allies and clients can do no wrong; the US, Israel, and other Western countries can do no right.

I hardly need to even mention what smears are told at schools and college campuses about Israel.

No nation and no civilization that allows this to happen can survive for long.

Let’s recount just some of the most recent examples of what these poisonous ideologies and policies, advocated and implemented by liberal traitors, are resulting in:

  • In March, the Russians perpetrated an overt act of illegal aggression against Ukraine by invading its territory and annexing a part of it (the Crimea), despite Russia itself (and the rest of the world) recognizing the Crimea as an integral part of Ukraine in 1994 and swearing, in writing, to always respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and independence. The West STILL, to this very day, can’t bring itself to do more than implement symbolic sanctions and issue condemnations (which come only from the US; Western European countries can’t bring themselves to do even that and behave as if an oil tanker catastrophe, rather than an action of aggression by Russia, occurred). What’s more, Russia has thousands and thousands of useful idiots and saboteurs in the West – pacifists, socialists, communists, “eurosceptics”, and other overtly pro-Russian people and organizations such as Nigel Farage’s UKIP party, Marine Le Pen’s National Front, Italy’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, their acolytes, American “paleocons” and “noninterventionists”, and many others.
  • Just yesterday, Russian special operations troops masquerading as “separatists” wantonly shot down an unarmed civilian airliner, Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. They first admitted, then denied, shooting down the plane. Despite these facts, no Western leader has so far even dared to say the truth about this mass murder, let alone to condemn Russia and its SpecOps troops for it or implement anything more than purely symbolic sanctions. In fact, they are again behaving as if an oil tanker catastrophe, or a new Costa Concordia crash, had occurred. Obama has behaved even worse, as if he were on a picnic or on the campaign trail: he mentioned it in a few sentences at the start of his speech in Delaware, then immediately changed the subject to his “shovel-ready jobs” policy proposal.
  • Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are arming themselves to the teeth with nuclear weapons, their delivery systems, and conventional weapons. Despite this fact, and despite irrefutable evidence of the massive buildup by Russia and China, Western governments and media are still refusing to acknowledge this to their public and their parliaments, let alone do anything substantive about it. In fact, all Western countries are now unilaterally disarming themselves: dramatically cutting their defense budgets, military force size, weapon inventories, and new weapon programs. We are being lied to that the only threat to the West’s security comes from anonymous “terrorists”, and that Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran pose no threat whatsoever.
  • Western militaries are now being femininized – our politicians, media, and politically correct generals are telling us women can perform combat jobs just as well as men (when they cannot – they are physically too weak for that) and can be integrated into combat units safely, and any problems are men’s fault. In the West, women are replacing men in male roles, and men are supposed to replace women in female roles. The US military has already been thoroughly infected with political correctness and with the “homosexualism is fine” ideology; now it is being femininized, and Obama’s Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is now considering whether transgender people should be allowed to join.
  • Poisonous, treasonous leftist ideologies such as feminism, liberalism, and other -isms have brainwashed and corrupted Western societes so badly that they now grossly overvalue women, undervalue and smear men, and overtly discriminate against men. Men are being told to subordinate themselves to women, humble themselves in front of them, and pedestalize them. (And a lot of pedestalizing white knights are only too happy to oblige.) We are being lied to that women don’t really need men and can replace them in any role. Western societies are indeed encouraging women to “liberate themselves” by behaving and dressing in a masculine manner and taking on masculine jobs. As a result, the Western society is saddled with feminine men and pseudo-masculine, “independent” women to whom a man is nothing but just one of the accessories battling for their attention with their Ipads, Iphones, etc. Women are told by their parents, the society, the media, schools, and popular culture to scorn men and be “independent” of men.

(But go outside the Western world, and things are very, very different. Women behave like women, men behave like men. The polar opposites attract each other: women want to be with men, and vice versa. Look at the Russians: their men are tough, rugged, and masculine, while their girls are very feminine. That’s their only way in surviving in such a brutal, unforgiving country.)

  • Islamic terrorist organizations united into the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” are on the verge of conquering Iraq, one of the world’s largest oil reservoirs, and threatening to conquer Europe. The US is fiddling and dithering whether to send advisors and weapons to the Iraqi government.
  • Uncivilized immigrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America are flooding the US and Europe, and politicians are either facilitating their arrival (US Democrats) or welcoming them and nurturing them with government handouts – and telling us we must be politically correct and tolerant towards those who are not tolerant at all towards us. In effect, the West is slowly being Islamified.
  • We are being lied to that Islam is a peaceful religion; that terrorism is “un-Islamic” and “anti-Islamic”; that promoting American/British/French patriotism and values, the Pledge of Allegiance, the American flag, and requiring that immigrants speak the language of the country they live in and obey its laws and customs is “racist” and “discriminatory”; that we should accomodate those who don’t integrate and assimilate; and that requiring ID at voting booths is “racist”. As a consequence, non-European immigrants are allowed to disobey any local laws they don’t like, are not required to speak the local language or owe allegiance to their new country, and any behavior on their part – even blocking streets for “prayer” and burning cars – is accepted and tolerated.
  • Free-market capitalism is being consigned to the dustbin of history and replaced with statism, which will inevitably end up in socialism. More and more government takeovers of industries, more (and higher) taxes (overt and stealth), more regulations, more government spending, more public debt. Economic liberty is being increasingly restricted, as if it were a dangerous phenomenon that needs to be tightly controlled by governments. We are being lied to that free-market capitalism is a dangerous system of exploitation of man by man; that people are too stupid to manage their own money; that the government can spend their money better than they can.
  • Environmentalism is increasingly taking a stranglehold on the Western political classes, media, academia, schools, public opinion, and even private companies. Overly rigorous “environmental” regulations, especially on power stations, mining, and CO2 emissions, are in place. In many countries, there are emissions trading (cap and trade) systems and carbon taxes; even more “green” taxes and regulations are currently planned and considered by politicians; and entire countries have, or are in the process, of scrapping proven, dependable, cheap energy sources (such as coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy) in favor of utterly unreliable, disproven, hugely costly “renewable” pseudo-sources of energy (wind, solar, biomass, geothermal), which never have and never will supply more than a fraction of any country’s power needs. France, which has one of the cheapest electricity prices in Europe, but is now governed by socialists allied with greens, is now “partially” phasing out nuclear energy in favor of totally unreliable and hugely costly “renewables.”

I could give more examples of how Western civilization is accepting suicidal ideologies and destroying itself in accordance with them, but these examples suffice.

By accepting the poisonous, suicidal ideologies such as pacifism, isolationism, “free trade”, liberalism, feminism, statism, socialism, communism, “social democracy”, and acting in accordance with them, the West is literally committing suicide. It is driving its economy into the ground, unilaterally disarming itself militarily and morally, accepting guilt for crimes not committed, opening its soil to millions of barbarians, and refusing to defend itself, or to react adequately to Russian, Chinese, North Korea, Iranian, and Islamic provocations and even outright aggression. Worse, it pretends that these threats don’t exist at all.

This is recipe for suicide.

The collapse of the Western civilization is no longer a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when.”

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