I am No One of Consequence – thoughts on the Fourth of July

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I am no one of consequence; merely a concerned citizen of the United States of America.

I am not a politician, nor celebrated athlete, reality TV persona or Ivy League grad.

I am a happily married woman attempting to live my faith each day. Perhaps those two treasured beliefs in traditional marriage and being a woman of faith are too
much for some delicate sensibilities.

If bravery has interceded and you continue to read, perhaps you can answer a question puzzling me about the actions of the people of “consequence” in this country.  “Why?”

I understand how pop culture has slid into a moral slump. As a woman of faith, this fact seems obvious.

I puzzle with “why?” Only a “great and wonderful” nation such as ours would encourage this line of questioning, correct?

Remaining great and wonderful demands an inquisitive, spirited yearning to understand why we choose to become anything less than great and wonderful.

Why, as an example, would people elected to serve encourage its citizenry that a welfare state is held in higher regard than working hard to achieve a dream or goal, and yes, maybe even achieve that purpose you are here to fulfill? Perhaps the answer is that there is nothing to a purpose-filled life. We live and we die. This does not seem a valid or fathomable premise in remaining “great and wonderful.”

Why would we not secure our borders? This is America the land of the free and brave. However, it takes bravery to live by the laws which govern this “great and wonderful” nation. Perhaps the answer is an apathetic  citizenry is unfazed when voting privileges might automatically be granted to an illegal? If inquisitive thinking is to be regarded as prerequisite for advancing a civilization is it reasonable to ask “why” illegals are being bussed here in this moment in time? Perhaps election year 2012 wouldn’t have been politically expedient? These answers don’t advance praiseworthy characteristics of a “great and wonderful” nation.

Why should independently owned sports teams not be allowed to choose any name they wish? Perhaps naming children “John or Paul” are offensive references as they were names of the apostles? Is “name-choice” meant to join other protected classes in a “great and wonderful” nation?

Why would our great and wonderful nation choose not to protect our friends and our interests abroad? Perhaps the only ongoing foreign policy should be to not expect any American involvement in helping create or defend “great and wonderful” for others. Not thinking expected from a “great and wonderful” nation, is it?

Why would our elected officials adopt a plan to change the course of healthcare for its citizenry and not know the contents of the plan? Perhaps the “elections have consequences” statement is all a “great and wonderful” nation can glean from such action?

Why is climate change an issue? Perhaps God really isn’t in control of our planet’s destiny? Are we here by happenstance and have as our responsibility protecting our planet from He who created it? A self-absorbed premise of this caliber seems unseemly for a “great and wonderful” nation.

I am no one of consequence. I am merely a concerned citizen of the United States of America.

Does this statement still have value? It does to me. I am so grateful for the right I have to ask “why” and most especially for the free will advocates who died so I can ask questions.

Tennyson’s infamous quote “Theirs not to wonder why, theirs but to do or die” serves to illustrate my point. In his context, following mandates and orders of commanding officers allows the democratic citizenry it protects to ask “why”. A “great and wonderful” nation values beyond measure the bravery of those who didn’t ask “why” so others can.

I am forever grateful to God for this “great and wonderful” nation.

I will never stop singing the praises of those who envisioned, fought and died for independence from tyrannical rule.

I am no one of consequence. I am just a grateful citizen of the “greatest and most wonderful” nation in the world; the United States of America.”

Happy 4th of July!

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Carolyn Snelling

Carolyn, her husband Bob and dog Pookie - call Arizona; home. She has authored several Christian books. She graduated with a B.S. from the University of San Francisco and summa cum laude from St. Mary's College with a M.S. in Organizational Psychology.

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