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I realize I may receive lots of flak from this blog, but I do believe there is more to this than meets the eye or what we are being told. My comments follow this article below:

But behind the scenes of small town celebration is a darker and more complicated story about a young soldier who allegedly abandoned his post after growing disillusioned with America’s wars and the potentially illegal deal struck by the White House to free him.

Bowe Bergdahl was raised in a cabin with no phone in Idaho’s Wood River Valley, a sparse and rugged corner of the American west. He and his sister were home schooled by their father, Bob Bergdahl, an intense woodsman who trained them to shoot and survive in the wild.

For the last five years, Mr Bergdahl has been a tireless campaigner for his son’s release, at times lashing out in frustration at President Barack Obama and even trying to contact the Taliban directly on his own.

Sgt Bergdahl is reportedly struggling to speak English after five years in captivity and his father caught Mr Obama’s aides offguard on Saturday when he began to speak Pashto before the television cameras at the White House.

“I’m your father, Bowe,” he said in the language of his son’s captors.

Sgt Bergdahl took an unusual route into the US military, studying ballet and joining a sailing expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific before attempting to enlist in the French Foreign Legion. Only after being rejected by France did he join the US Army.

He deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 full of idealistic conviction that he and his comrades could push back the Taliban and improve life in the long-subjugated country.

But hopefulness soon gave way to despair after his unit began to take casualties and he saw how US troops treated the Afghans they were supposed to be saving.

“These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid,” he wrote in an email to his parents on June 27, 2009.

Three days later, according to Rolling Stone, the 23-year-old soldier simply walked off his base in Patika province, carrying a knife, his diary and a small camera.

He was captured almost immediately and – despite a frantic search by US troops, drones and helicopters – smuggled into Pakistan by Taliban fighters.

A Pakistani militant commander told AFP that Sgt Bergdahl engaged with his captors, teaching them how to play badminton and inviting them to celebrate Easter and Christmas with them.

He also reportedly grew fond of kawa, an Afghan green tea, helped with the cooking and became fluent in the Afghan languages of Pashto and Dari.

For five long years, his parents endured taunting videos released by his captors. In one he appears gaunt and with a shaved head, pleading with the US to agree to a deal for his release.

First of all it says he was disillusioned with the war. Well walking off your post with just a knife, backpack and camera in the middle of a war zone is desertion. In the military that is punishable bycourt martial and prison no matter how you feel about a war in the military. What did he think the military was when he joined? Did he think they were a bunch of social workers? War is hell as the expression goes. He could have filed for conscientious objector status or put in for a transfer or request to be discharged. Walking off your post without permission and any weapons is desertion in my book. Where was he expecting to go in Afghanistan? To a friendly village and live happily ever after? I don’t think so. Or catch the nearest plane home? Again I don’t think so. So why did he walk off and where did he expect to go? If this report is correct he insulted his fellow soldiers and America. That explain why the Whitehouse moved heaven and earth to free him. He is a kindred spirit with Obama who hates our military.

 It is also said how he became friendly with his captors and taught them badmitton and how to make bombs using a cell phone. I am willing to give him the benefit of a doubt here and say he was a victim of the Stockholm syndrome where you become one with your captors and maybe he was just trying to keep his head from being chopped off.

Which  brings us to his father. His father tweeted that he was working to release all the prisoners from Gitmo. Does he think these prisoners are just innocent villagers or boy scouts? That’s a radical enemy siding idea. You would also think the Obama administration would have told him to shave his beard and look more presentable so as to look less identifiable with the Taliban.The AWOL soldier’s father spoke in Arabic to his son:

Bergdahl said that his son was having trouble speaking English after spending so much time in Taliban captivity.

Addressing his son, Bergdahl said a common Arabic phrase uttered by Muslims before giving a speech, and a few words that appeared to be in Pashto.

“In the name of  God, the most gracious, the most merciful,” Bob Bergdahl said in Arabic.

“I’m your father, Bowe,” he added in English after speaking the same words in Pashto from the president’s podium in the Rose Garden of the White House.

 Which  brings us to Obama. He exchanges, in secret without informing  congress like the law states, five of the most deadly captives who have sworn death to America for one prisoner? That’s an impeachable offense in my book. As one comment I saw says, ”It figures that Obama breaks U.S. tradition to negotiate with terrorists, breaks U.S. law to release the FIVE TOP TALIBAN and all for one low-ranked TRAITOR, yet a U.S. Marine is still being held in Mexico and Obama does nothing. What a heroic president we have.” Nothing illustrates the folly of Obama’s foreign policy better than his administration’s attempts to “reach out” to the radical Islamists of the Taliban in the hopes of negotiating a peaceful end to the civil war in Afghanistan while at the same time announcing a date certain for the withdrawal of American troops.  I’m thinking this was all a set-up by the whitehouse to get these bad guys released and shut down Gitmo like Obama said he was going to do. Never forget that Obama said he would “side with the muslims if the winds took a different direction.”   And why would the Taliban want to negotiate with the U.S. anyway?  Their goal is not to gain political power in the remote country of Afghanistan, but to re-establish a base from which to prosecute a worldwide jihad against western culture and values.   I report, you decide.

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  1. Did God’s will (freedom of conscience) trump the U.S. Army? His evangelical Christian Calvinist parents who home schooled him taught him thus.

    America’s Last Prisoner of War
    Rolling Stone Magazine
    Michael Hastings
    June 7, 2012


    Rather than put their kids in the local school system, Jani and Bob (Bowe’s parents) home-schooled Bowe and his sister. Devout Calvinists, they taught the children for six hours a day, instructing them in religious thinkers such as Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine. “Ethics and morality would be constant verbiage in our conversations,” his father recalls. “Bowe was definitely instilled with truth. He was very philosophical about perceiving ethics.”

    On June 27th, at 10:43 p.m., Bob Bergdahl responded to his son’s final message not long after he received it. His subject line was titled: OBEY YOUR CONSCIENCE!

    “Dear Bowe,” he wrote. “In matters of life and death, and especially at war, it is never safe to ignore ones’ conscience. Ethics demands obedience to our conscience. It is best to also have a systematic oral defense of what our conscience demands. Stand with like minded men when possible.” He signed it simply “dad.”

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