The Great Divide

Well here we go again, the Democrats are starting their hate-filled attacks, you can tell they are in trouble. It never seems to fail, whenever the Democrats are losing a battle or run out of ideas, they fall back on their old faithful standby, calling everyone who disagrees with them racists.

By now we are all familiar with Obama and Holder’s visit to Al Sharptons network, how Holder stood there crying that he and the president are being picked on only because they are black, God forbid they should realize that it is just that their policies suck. Holder is just what we need in our top law enforcement officer, a crybaby. Moreover, what’s with them going to Sharptons network anyway, he is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest race hustler in the country, not to mention also an ex coke dealer turned rat, a liar and total fraud.

Nancy Pelosi also stepped into the fray by saying about the Republicans on immigration; “I think race has something to do with the fact that they are not bringing up an immigration bill,” “I’ve heard them say to the Irish: If it were just you, this would be easy.” Is there no end to Pelosi’s lying, she heard? Just like Harry Reid heard from someone that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for ten years, do these people have no shame? Maybe Nancy forgot that she killed immigration reform when she was Speaker after promising to get it done, I guess she would be for it, if it were only for Italians, it would be easy.

It is not only about race, gender is also on the table for the Democrats, once again there is a war on women. It seems that the President wants gender equality when it comes to being paid, but at the White House, women are paid less than 87 cents for every dollar paid to men and what do they say about that, “at least it is better than the national average.” Great comeback. They don’t want to bring up the fact that under Obama, more women are unemployed and pay for women has decreased.

It seems to be the same old song that goes on and on, divide, divide, divide, which is the only strategy that the Democrats plan to win on. Obama is a failed President, his policies are a disaster and he is clueless on how to fix the problems that are facing this country, foreign and domestic. There is no end in what the Democrats will do to win, wherever they can stick a wedge and divide, they will do it. Race, gender, religion, class, does not matter, by telling a group of people that they do not have, because of another group, is their only strategy.

Expect it to get a lot nastier, the closer we get to elections and the more they see their polls falling, the more vicious the attacks will become. Everyone that has a different point of view will be a racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot and that will only be for openers. With over 60% of the country now saying that Obama is a liar and 15% saying he is trustworthy, it seems Americans are waking up.

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