When Will Democrats Wake Up

How out of touch are the Democrats? It seems to me that they are losing on every front and are grasping at straws, I mean come on, staying up all night to talk about an imaginary threat like climate change, is pushing the envelope. Throughout the night, I am willing to wager that there was more hot air in the chamber, then circulating in our atmosphere.

Senator Mitch McConnell said that the talkathon amounted to “30 hours of excuses” from senators who think it’s OK that “families are losing work because of government attacks on the coal industry.”  You would think that with 74% of the people in this country believing that we are still in a recession, (even though it supposedly ended five years ago) that the Democrats would concentrate on that. Barbara Boxer said.  “The American people are listening,” “They care.” She added that the event should “wake up Congress to the dangers of climate change.” Now, that’s pretty funny, considering that when surveyed about the twenty most important things facing our country, climate change came in at nineteen, I guess not that many people care.

92 million people are out of work, yet the Democrats push policies and agendas that destroy jobs instead of creating them. We have a president who is entering his sixth year in office and still has no clue how to create a job. We have a president who does more to stifle job creation than create them, but hey America, you voted him in office, not me.

In May of 2007 then-House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was critical of the nationwide price of gas reaching a $3.07 average and squarely placed the blame on the Bush administration.“Drivers are paying a heavy price for the Bush administration’s failure to enact a comprehensive energy strategy,” Pelosi said. “Years of Bush Administration’s policies that have favored big oil over the consumers have resulted in record dependence on foreign oil, leaving American families and businesses to pay even higher prices.”Pelsoi continued, “This Congress, under the Democratic leadership, is working to make up for years of inaction, taking America in a new direction that helps bring down the cost of gas and promotes energy independence. Energy independence is essential, essential to reducing the price at the pump.”

When Obama first took office, gas was $1.67 a gallon, it is now north of $3.50, where is Pelosi’s big mouth now? Why isn’t she screaming about the high gas prices under this president? For a party that says they are for the little guy, the Democrats seem to push policies that hurt them. High gas prices hurt the poor more than anyone else, yet the poor keep voting Democrat, even though all the Democrats do, are make promises but never deliver on them.

The earth has been warming and cooling since it began and will continue to do so, that is what it is supposed to do, it’s natural. Even when faced with reality, Democrats will never admit they are wrong. Who can forget the ship full of researchers who were stuck in the ice while going to the Antarctica to prove global warming. They went there to document global warming and shrinking polar ice caps, but  they desperately had to wait for the US Coast Guard to rescue their ship after it got stuck in record-breaking Antarctic ice.

You know what, on second thought, forget the title of this article, let the Democrats sleep, hopefully they will turn into Rip Van Winkle and sleep for twenty years, maybe then we can get this country back on track.

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RangelThis is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Chris Mr. OBAMA learned how to start an engine the old fashioned way. To get a cold engine to start, first you have to choke the living day light out of it. This guy will go down in history known as The Chicago Strangler a serial job killer.

    1. “The Chicago Strangler a serial job killer.”
      That’s a good one Jerry, I wish I had thought of that.

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