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Don’t They Know The Terrorists Are Watching???

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All the major news and media outlets and stations are now devoting fulltime and in some instances like FOX and CNN   24/7 coverage of the missing plane incident all in the name of competition and ratings. They are bringing in every available aviation expert they can find and every military and medical expert they can find who are explaining in excruciating detail every aspect of a plane like this. They describe the size, fuel capability and capacity, distance and time it can travel how the controls work an  how their GPS co-ordinates can be changed by someone other than the pilot by operating another computer in back of the plane. They even mentioned how a plane this size can carry an atom bomb and how Iran wants to wipe off the map and cripple us. . Don’t they know the terrorists who want to kill us all are watching and taking notes.  Don’t they realize terrorists have become more sophisticated now and want to use planes as their main weapon? Slowly,but surely they are drawing their plans against us.

FOX  brought on a medical doctor who described how the blood bubbles at  43,000 feet and all the passengers can die if the cabin is depressurized and the pilot wears an oxygen  mask which is one of the theories said  since the plane went to 43,000 feet and then down to 5000 feet.

At the beginning of this incident I wrote a blog on it and paraphrased from an old Twilight Zone show about a plane that went back in time. Not long after that CNN did a show talking about that Twilight Zone incident and suggested the plane went into a black hole. (see link below). I wonder if someone there saw my blog and was reminded of that show and decided to use it. Hmmmmm,  just wondering. They have exhausted so much information and are so caught up  in the middle of everything that they are grasping for straws. Nobody knows anything yet. They have 26 countries out looking for it and scanning every possible inch of every sea and land and can’t find anything. One reporter mentioned about an airline that went down a few years ago and it took them 2 years to find it. They still haven’t found Amelia Earhart’s plane and that almost 70 years ago now. I can’t understand why with all this modern GPS, radar, drone and satellite spying, fact finding equipment they can’t find a huge  boeing 777 with 200 passengers on board. They can find out who is driving what car and where you are going and now they have drones that can extract your information from your smart phone (see link below) and they can record every conversation and text you make, yet they can’t find this plane.

General Thomas McInerney ,a retired  Air Force General who is a contributer  to Fox News  claims he has sources who highly suspect the plane has landed in Pakistan and the passengers are all alive. Gen. McInerney is the only person I trust at this time (see link below). He said there is no reason to suspect that a plane would fly for seven hours over seas and then ditch it there. He notes they were headed towards India and probably into Pakistan.  McInerney said It may have even left there and could be in Iran. All this other stuff stations are saying now and bringing in psychics who have claimed to be in contact with the dead passengers (give me a break!!) is pure fantasy and conjecture and going for ratings. Nobody knows anything so now everyone s coming out of the woodwork with their fantasies and theories. I do agree with McInerney in that the one thing everyone is over looking is radical Islam. The pilot was attending the trial of the Malaysian  opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who was sentenced to five years in prison .He was  a leading member of the muslim brotherhood there and the pilot attended his sentencing five hours before the flight wearing a “democracy is dead”  t-shirt. Also the anniversary of Osama Bin laden’s death is coming up  which angered the Islamic world and terrorists are great for attacks on anniversaries suchas the 9/11 attack on Benghazi,but nobody except General McInerney seems to be focused on that either which is another reason I believe him.

I’ve seen several comments to this also saying that  terrorists can change the plane to look like one of ours or another nation’s and fix the co-ordinates on another plane’s flight and use that plane to carry out a plot against  any country including us or Isreal.

In any event this was a well planned, carefully skilled plot involving several people according to McInerney. Terrorists have become much more sophisticated  since 9/11 with the use of planes and we are telling them everything they want to know so DON’T THEY KNOW THE TERRORISTS ARE WATCHING????



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