Hey Alan Colmes I read Your Book

Mr. Colmes came out with a book titled, “Thank The Liberals For Saving America” I immediately thought it was a book of humor and fantasy, I mean come on, the title alone started to make me laugh. The title should be Thank The Liberals For Destroying America. Any sane thinking person knows that it is the Liberals that are running this country into the ground, so how could I think otherwise that it was a humorous read, so I decided to check it out.

After finding the book on Amazon, I clicked it so that I could browse a few pages, as I read, I found that I was correct, it seemed to be a very humorous book, and it seemed to me it was also a book of fantasy. I said to myself, if the first few pages are like this I have to find out what other bits of bull Mr. Colmes has sprinkled through those pages. But there was no way I was going to pay $15.00, there isn’t a Liberal alive that has anything to say that is worth $15.00, so I saw they had a used one (one of many I might add) for one cent, so that is the one I went with. With the shipping charge at $3.99, I was into this book for $4.00, I had second thoughts, but I said what the hell. I’m glad it came in plain brown packaging, so my neighbors couldn’t see what I ordered.

Throughout the pages of my book my intention is to try to make some sense of Mr. Colmes and his words of twisted logic and fantasy. Alas, I cannot correct everything in his book, if I did, my book would be longer than War And Peace, so I just go through it and touch on some things that need to be said. I am sure it is not Mr. Colmes intention to mislead his readers, he truly believes in what he is saying, but that is the sad part.

My new book: Hey! Alan Colmes I Read Your Book (A Republicans Rebuttal) Available here.

Colmes Cover

                                                                                            Available here.

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  1. Honestly Chris we are speaking about Alan Colmes. The man is an idiot. What amazes me most is that the book actually got published and that he appears on a TV program from time to time…..

    1. Jerry, You don’t know how much of an idiot he is until you read his book, that’s why I had to write a book of rebuttal

      1. Trust me Chris I believe you 100%. Those of his ilk can only contribute material that is laughable at best. Any time he is on a media platform he provides me with an enduring faith in humanity. Absolutely no breathing intelligent form of life would ever feel that Alan Colmes would actually elicit any statement that would be deemed to posses either value or merit. If Alan Colmes were a comic book hero he would be known as Bizzaro the defender of the clueless. This guy gives MSNBCs Rachel Maddow an erection, now that’s really weird.

  2. You are such a tease./….Read the clip on Amazon. With your (sense) of humor, I imagine it’s hysterical. Is it also available in stores? We didn’t plan for our future soon enough, but did get to old age debt free so no credit cards….

    I agree with you & Jerry, Combs is a donkey’s arse. How did Hannity put up with him so long is beyond me.

    1. I don’t know how Hannity put up with him either for all those years, I felt like strangling him through the TV

  3. I never liked Colms with Sean either. Sean used to say Alan was a nice guy who arrived at all the wrong conclusions. I can’t stand that wise ass smirk on his face. He looks like a space alien. I can’t believe he married Monica Crowley’s sister. Monica appears with him on O’Reilly’s show ever so often. 1 cent is all his book is worth. His first book was equally in a fantasy world titled “Red, White and Liberal.”

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