Senate Dems Vote To Preserve Tax Credits For Illegal Immigrants, Block Fix For Vet Cuts And Unemployment

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[NOTE: Click here for additional information on the tax loophole that allows credits to be fraudulently claimed by filers who are illegally present in the country.]

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. This was so worth the time to read !! I like to ‘think’ I do a fairly good job of keeping up, but sure missed this jewel.

    As individuals, we need to write down exactly what we personally must do to effect change in November…and ASK QUESTIONS of all that want to represent’we the people’.

    Crossing the Border into OUR Country is just the beginning for these ‘Criminal Trespassers’. Using a false Social Security card to obtain employment or receive ‘benefits’ is a FEDERAL FELONY and can be punishable with a fine & prison time.

    In around 2006 or ’07, Pew Hispanic Foundation reported that in Utah (ole Harry’s home) that 7200 Social Security numbers had been stolen from minors. This means that when these children apply for college loans & such,…they may be denied as benefits are already being paid to someone else…..

    I’m still trying to come to grips with how, when not earned or acquired legally, just how “earned” tax credits apply.????? This is only one of many questions I can raise on these Criminals that live because of MY & other American efforts…I do KNOW that there is not a single thing that will reform Immigration Laws with out SECURED BORDERS and ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS.

    For those that haven’t taken the time to read this new ‘proposal’…PLEASE READ…It is a straw that will break our economic back

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