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TOP NEWS: Matt Drudge Issues Warning: “Have An Exit Plan”

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. “All over the world, Jews and Christians and many others are remembering the most catastrophic event in the history of modern Judaism — the systematic murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime during World War II.”

Hillary Clinton admits she hasn’t driven a car since 1996, and calls Benghazi her ‘biggest regret’ 

State Of The Union:
WaPo/ABC Poll: 63% Of Americans Now Have ‘No Confidence’ in Obama
Pew Poll: Democrats More Bipartisan, GOP More Extreme
Florida Republican Rep. Trey Radel who pleaded guilty late last year to cocaine-possession charges, has resigned
Obamas failed economic policies are ALL Ted Cruz’s fault!…. according to Chuck Schumer!
Meanwhile, CBS edits out Ted Cruz condemning Obama’s abuse of power!

Liberals “sincerely hope” Obama will denounce fracking  in tomorrow night’s State Of The Union Address
Looks like there’s trouble in paradise! The Congressional Black Caucus is publicly criticizing Obama “because they believe that he has not done enough for minorities”.
New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez is in trouble again! This time, he’s under investigation for helping Ecuadoran fugitives convicted of stealing millions
Oklahoma lawmaker proposes ban on ALL marriages
A Gym Teacher in Rochester, New York molested an 8-year-old student, and now the other teachers will not cooperate in the investigation.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to watch The Grammy’s, it appears as though Beyoncé is catching heat after her VERY risqué performance on last night’s show. Meanwhile, Queen Latifah officiated 33 marriages during the live telecast… which included a mixture of gay and straight couples . One outraged parent said, ‘It’s a sad day when our kids can’t even watch the Grammys’! But never fear! They were a hit among the other celebrities at the party! What can you expect from Hollywood? A.J. McCarron, former Alabama quarterback , who is preparing for the NFL Draft, weighed in on the Grammy’s, saying the “really demonic” performances showed that “there is a lot of evil in the world.” If you really are interested, but were not able to watch, here’s what you missed.

But remember when movies coming out of Hollywood were actually good, and meant something?! “Schindler’s List” Producer Gerald Molen: “I Never Feared My Government Until Now”

Senate Republicans Develop The Most Credible Plan Yet To ‘Repeal And Replace’ Obamacare
Obamacare is the final nail in the coffin for the disappearing American middle class
Nuns Granted Injunction against HHS Mandate
Parents Shocked When Kids Can’t Join Obamacare Family Plan
Virginia Democrat: Not Enough Young People Signing Up for Obamacare
Secret abortion fees hidden in Obamacare premiums
A Wisconsin senator has filed a lawsuit claiming the Obama administration acted illegally by exempting some congressional staff from Obamacare

2nd Amendment:
Gabby Giffords says it’s ‘too dangerous to wait’ on gun control
Meanwhile, new Florida Legislation would essentially nullify Federal Gun Laws
‘The Last Round You’ll Ever Need’: The Awesome New Bullet Billed as a ‘One-Shot Manstopper’

Around The Nation:
Florida city bans sale of commercially bred cats and dogs 
Mississippi: Dan Aykroyd is sworn in as a Hines County Sheriff’s Deputy

Around The World:
North Korea: First it was just his uncle, now Kim Jong Un ordered execution of uncle’s entire family
Now we hear that Dennis Rodman may have violated U.S. sanctions against North Korea with his Happy Birthday visit to his BFF King Jong Un!

Syria: Photos released last week show that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad tortures, starves and murders its prisoners.

Italy: Pope John Paul II’s blood was stolen from a church 


Researchers have found that mixing alcohol with DIET Soda can get you drunker.


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