Media Attack On Christie:A Distraction From Gates’ Book

Chris Christy was ahead of Hilary in the polls by two points and getting stronger. Former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates comes out with a book slamming Obama and Hillary and Biden saying their opposition to the war surge was purely for political reasons and Obama didn’t trust his own strategy by sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan while being against it.  So what’s a poor lib dem to do? The state controlled liberal left wing media attacks Christie with a small time incident and blows it up like an atom bomb to destroy him and turn the populace against him.

The U.S. attorney in New Jersey is opening an inquiry into claims that public officials orchestrated the massive traffic snarl on the busy George Washington Bridge to settle a political score — and has asked the FBI to help.

The probe announcement came Thursday as Gov. Chris Christie, a possible Republican White House contender, spent the day addressing the brewing scandal over his staff’s role in orchestrating the traffic jam after a local mayor declined to endorse Christie’s re-election bid.

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, whose job Christie held before being elected governor, has opened a probe into the decision to close the bridge lanes, his spokeswoman said.

I believe Christie did the right thing. He immediately came out and took responsibility, fired the two people involved and stayed with the press conference as long as was needed answering questions. He did the same thing during  hurricane Sandy too. Compare that to Obama who should have  fired people like Eric Holder for sending thousands of guns to drug dealers, murderers and kidnappers in Fast and Furious and then covered it up or in Benghazi when Obama was nowhere to be found and sent Susan Rice out to five news shows to say the riots were cause by this little known film which it wasn’t and Obama had the director thrown in jail for a year. People died in Fast and Furious and Benghazi. Never forget these words ‘Obama lied and people died.” At least nobody died  under the Bridgegate fiasco and being from New Jersey myself, traffic is always horrible on that bridge daily during the morning and evening rush hours and sometimes worse than was reported now. Even if Christie did know about it which I think he didn’t, so what??? Former Bush PressSecretary Dana Perino recently said on The Five TV show on FOX that when she was  in office with Bush there are people underneath the leaders with massive egos who do things behind the president’s back. I believe that’s what happened here with Christie.

The media tried blaming the death of a 90 year old woman who died before paramedics could get  to  her on the traffic jam, but her daughter denied that was the cause. The mayor of Fort Lee accepted Christie’s apology and said nobody contacted him about supporting Christie much to the dismay of the liberal lamestream media.

Some people are taking to suing Christie now for various reasons. One woman said she suffered a panic attack from being stuck in that traffic and was late for work so she’s suing Christie. Notice she waits until now to sue. How rediculous. I have friends who work in the city and take that bridge everyday and are late often and their companies understand the traffic problem and are OK with them being late. I agree with the two comments below:

What a sorry commentary on society today. When anything happens let’s sue and see if we can hit the law suit lottery. What silliness. What’s next, suing the weatherman because it rained on our picnic?

So, I wonder how it will work out so that the taxpayer ends up paying for these “civil lawsuits”.

 Several republican senators are asking Christie to step down which is typical of republicans. The late, but great talk show host Bob Grant, the father of talk radio, once said ,”Republicans can take a lesson from their dem counterparts. No matter how lowdown, sleazy, dirty and dishonest their guy is they will always stick by him. Republicans are quick to turn against their guy.” And so it is here.


YES OBAMA LIED AND PEOPLE DIED!!!!!! Not so with Christie.

Ex-Defense Sec. Slams Biden, Reveals He Nearly Quit… *


Chris Christie slapped with a federal lawsuit

.’Allegations made in the suit

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. Jim, I see and agree with the principles of your commentary but for someone who has become quite jaded with the Republican Party’s propensity to push Neo Conservative candidates in our faces – and Christie IS a Rino – I couldn’t care less what the “distractions” might be about. The Republicans are burning their own bridges! They compromise and they cave to the left and they disrespect the Hallmark Center (not the extreme right – center because Constitutionalists are on Center in supporting the Constitution!). The Republican Party does not carry the Torch of Freedom – they are just as culpable of BIG Government as the Democrats! Name one Socialist Law the Democrats passes since the 1930s that the Republicans ever overturned when they had all of the necessary power to do so! And how many socialist laws have they actually supported? Wasn’t it a Republican President who signed the Patriot act into Law?

    The mainstream media reports lies, if they report anything at all. We know this. It is upon us to seek out the truth – and I would concur that you have done just that here – and counter their lies. That has always been our (We the People) responsibility! The more we who seek the truth show the truth to the public the more they will distrust and stop listening to the MsM! That is what is important here – picking up our responsibility! They, the MsM, are shooting off their own foot! For myself I pay very little attention to the MsM! Instead I seek the truth as best I can and I repeat it as often as I can.

    Truth – absolute truth – is based on WHAT IS (or WAS) – not on what is imagined! There are certain Constants to Truth. Facts, we call them. And facts do not exist until the “Event” crosses from the future to the past THRU the present!

    As to Christie; I dare say that, in light of Republican performance for DECADES, the re-election of Obama was probably the best that could have happened. Romney (who I voted for) would have returned us to “business as usual” – that slow, easy descent into Socialist Communism. Obama’s in your face “I’m changing the United States” is like a cage-rattle and people are waking UP! If Christie is the Republican answer to Hillary then sr_w the Republican Party!

    If Hillary gets elected it may be awful but I believe we will have an even greater mass return to our Core Values. (Make no mistake; I will oppose her at the polls and I will loathe every breath of air she WASTES). The Bible starts off in Genesis demonstrating the very principles of the universe; the contrast of opposing forces. Without the balance of Chaos and Order in the universe NOTHING WOULD EXIST! God always called His people back thru tribulations! This is our wakeup call! Conservatives are such, by nature, to be benign. Without adversity we will happily march into slavery and not even know it!

  2. I won’t bore you by repeating what I said on Richard Larsen’s post on this….but will say you are so accurate and your perspective from some one that ‘is actually there’ and familiar with the players is truly welcome.

    Didn’t realize you were in Jersey..did I send you the video from Trey Gowdy re questions he asked the media? If not, let me know & I’ll go back & find it. They are questions we should all ask….

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