What Is Veterans Day?

Do kids know what Veterans Day is all about? They know the meaning of all the other holidays, they know what Christmas is all about, Thanksgiving they know as well. If you ask them what the 4th of July is all about, they will certainly know. But ask them about Veterans Day and all you get is blank stares. next time just show them this, I think it says it best.


God bless them.

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  1. To be quite honest Chris and I say this as an American and as a disabled veteran of the Vietnam war. Children grow up and will in the end understand the sacrifice borne by the Veteran Community protecting our freedoms and liberties since the birth of our nation. What boils my blood more than anything is the brazen affront that our President takes toward the patriotism that our citizens display toward our nation. Many of these citizens are veterans of Military service. He feels that we as Americans are not exceptional at all. He will do what ever it takes to demean our place in the world. He will go to any length in abusing his power to diminish in the eyes of the world, including our enemies the might of our military. The very same military that has kept the despots and snakes of Satan from snuffing the light of hope from the enslaved people of the world. The children will learn the cost of freedom but our President will never understand the word or the meaning of sacrifice, not in his ego driven world. As long as this person sits in the worlds most powerful seat, he will be an affront to everything America stands for and all the reasons that Jesus Christ died on a cross for. What will this President disgrace with his very presence as a shameful Commander in Chief on this honored and sacred day for true patriots who understood the honest meaning of sacrifice.

  2. First…& most important….Hear my heart, not my just my words, when I say that I am so very grateful for all that our military & the families of today & yesterday have given our Grand Nation….Without you, we wouldn’t be.

    Children almost always reflect the values of the parents….Grandparents can help, too…

    1. yes Jan children will always reflect the values of their parents and grand parents as I did in Vietnam and my father who went across the battlefields of N Africa, Sicily, and Italy and my grandfather who was wounded in BOIS d’ HAUMONT, near Verdun France and awarded the Croix de Guerre in October 1918 and my great Grand father who served and fought with Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish American war. Each generation is bound in honor by those preceding generations to protect the values and laws of our constitution with our lives if called upon to do so. Or to stand in defiance of the rule of false prophets who will only chain our freedom and liberty for a self serving indignation in defiance of “we the people.” As always Jan you speak the truth of the heart., In the values we are given to hold for the moment and to honor our children and our future with this gift.

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