The California GOP Has a Mexican!

Here in California the race for governor is already starting. So far, Tea Party candidate Tim Donnelly has announced his candidacy, and State Senator Abel Maldonado has also put up a website announcing his intentions to run for the big chair in Sacramento. There are murmurs among my Tea Party pals that Mr. Donnelly is going to have an uphill battle and won’t be endorsed by the state GOP Establishment. They expect Mr. Maldonado, the alleged less-conservative choice, to get the official nod, the money, the support, etc., etc., yes we can.

When you think about it, that actually makes sense. Maldonado may indeed by the only chance the GOP has to win California (they’ll say), and all they need are fancy Establishment slogans meant to show the Democrats and the fruits and nuts in California that this isn’t Your Father’s Republican Party, such as:

Maldonado: We have a Mexican, too.

Maldonado: He Knows What it’s Like to be One of You

Or they can capitalize on his first name, Abel, and say:

Abel Maldonado: Our Mexican Sounds Like an Arab….Double the Diversity!

This is the path I expect the CA GOP to take. Why? Because apparently the GOP isn’t interested in governing, or standing up for the Constitution, or any of that other red, white, and blue rubbish we hear so often from the Tea Party (it actually gets a little old after awhile, guys). What the GOP wants is the status quo. We certainly see that in Congress. Don’t rock the boat, just go along with token resistance, and we’ll get back in charge of the money and spend it our way soon enough.

The Party itself has become a business. Right now, business is bad. The media tells us that conservatives are going to further ruin the business, and the Establishment has eaten that up. They regularly attack Tea Party candidates. In Virginia, where Hilary’s Man just won the state seat, the local Establishment refused to fund the conservative opposition. What does that tell you?

All people like Karl Rove and John McCain want is to be in charge of the money. We note that when the Republicans took over Congress in 1994, they quickly outspent the Democrats. Nobody ever talks about that. Fiscal responsibility? Not when we’re in charge!

Maldonado talks a good game. He doesn’t like California’s tax code, which keeps small businesses from creating jobs, bla bla bla, yes we can, etc. As Captain Kirk once said, I’m laughing at the superior intellect. Maldonado won’t stand a chance against the Democrat machine which has convinced Hispanic voters, the ones the GOP obviously wants, that Republicans are not their friends, and nationwide the GOP will get its clock cleaned for the next 10 to 15 years while they figure out this strategy of running lukewarm candidates will not achieve anything but more ridicule. We’ve seen the failures of extremists like Michelle “God Told Me to Marry my Husband” Bachman and nimrods like Todd “That Thing Just Shuts Down” Aiken and that “I’m Not a Witch” lady whose name I have forgotten and I’m too lazy to look up because who gives a crap, so now we’re going to run the center-left candidates to balance it out.

Donnelly won’t stand a chance against his own party, never mind the left. They won’t even bother with him because the GOP will take him out.

And in the end either Moonbeam Brown gets another term, or some other Moonbeam replacement will get the big chair; California will remain a firmly blue state, and more Californians will leave (a lot already are) and infect previously red states with their blue sensibilities (hello, Colorado!) and further ruin the nation.

But at least the California GOP has a Mexican.



BRIAN DRAKE is a 20-year broadcast veteran in California and the author of The Rogue Gentleman, a thriller in the tradition of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Brian, You give a very good assessment of just how important California elections are to the rest of the Country….Also the examples of the National GOP indicate you ‘may’ be correct about California’s….Before I make suggestions, allow me to tell you that I am very pro Tea Party, co-founder of a 9-912 Group and a contributor to the Tea Party Patriots…..mummers & rumors are about the same & can be equally damaging if actual content is lost….And, you of all people, know what a difference a single word makes.

    The grassroots POWER of the Tea Party is undeniable!!! And they field ‘good’ people with ‘good’ intentions. Even so, not all are truly qualified to carry out ‘the mission’. I think it is vital that ALL candidates be vetted by the individual voter…While I do not now live in California, I have taken time to look at the profile of both of these men…Neither one is free of flaws…ie: Donnnelly has that TSA incident where he never said if he had a gun permit or not (was this a disregard for the law) He failed to complete his studies at U of M (lack of drive or follow through??) Maldonado on the other had has made some votes that might be questioned….California, like the other 49 States has both the Conservative and Moderate, as well as Democrats. Elected officials must not be bound to serving just one of groupings….There is no candidate that walks on water (not even Ted Cruz) I worked his campaign because he met the 3 most important qualities I felt were absolutely needed in a Candidate, not because he was the Tea Party guy.

    Do you think that statement like “We have a Mexican” might further divide the Party ?

    I am thrilled that you have been paying attention & want to bring your choice out for others. I do wish you’d told us more about him rather than what you believe the tired GOP’s cheap soundbites will be (even though you’re likely right)

    Thanks for caring

    1. You are right and I wouldn’t argue with you, but I wasn’t trying to highlight the candidates or anything about them. Perhaps I will revisit them both at another time and talk about that, or whoever ends up being the front-runner. The point of my article is that the CA GOP seems to have the idea that in order to not be picked on by the media and to win California, they need to field a minority candidate. My satire was aimed at the silliness behind that idea. To use a specific candidate to target, mostly, a specific voting block, is ridiculous, and that’s what this is about. The Hispanic population in California is huge and mainly votes Democratic; the Republicans want some of that pie, so they’re running a Hispanic candidate. Right now, this isn’t about who’s who or what they’ve done or stand for. For all I know, once I learn more I learn about Mr. Maldonado, I may actually like him. But, for now, I think the state GOP is, as Limbaugh as pointed out with the national party, acting from a state of Post Traumatic Shock from the beatings they’re taking in the media. Thinking they can win because “we have minorities, too, see?” is a worse strategy than “hope”. Highlighting minority candidates won’t divide the party, it will seem like straw-grasping desperation to convince the public that Republicans are more than old white men.

      1. Point taken….funny how after your comment I read your post again and see it differently. I think I’ve become ‘too’ jaded and see boogie men in too many things. I am convinced that Obama was re-elected because far to many ‘Republicans held on to their personal ideal candidate & refused to vote for anyone else. It’s a tired but true fact that good as a candidate is, If they can’t get elected it does no good. Will look forward to further posts…

        1. I appreciate your feedback, Jan, thank you for reading.

          A lot went wrong in 2012, and maybe I’ll talk about it sometime, because it needs to be explored. I think Romney’s biggest handicap was his religion. I know many Christians (the precious Evangelicals the Republicans covets) refused to vote for him because of that (at least ones in my sphere of influence). I think many in the Tea Party also stayed home to make a point to the GOP Establishment–don’t ignore or insult us. Many more voters stayed home, too, because Obama didn’t even crack 51%. What conservatives need to do is ask themselves why the results were that way and make a plan for the future. So far, from the Tea Party, we want to double down on ideals; the Establishment wants only to “run a moderate” (or, really, a RINO) and that, more so than funky slogans, is dividing the party.

          1. I really hope you will do more articles as the field is narrowed. Far too many just know ‘sound bites’ When I evaluate, I establish a list of 3 MUST have & 3 wanna haves. the support the one that tallies up the majority of what I feel is needed. I have family in California & went to SD State (eons ago) Didn’t realize how liberal I was. It was through reading that I learned there was another world. That’s more true today than then. A clear distinction is so needed. People like you can help with that. Far too many candidates seem to be willing to serve (after) self serving. Enjoy our Blessed Day of Thanks.

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