Absolutely the WORST part of Obamacare

The PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) more popularly known as “Obamacare”, has ‘afforded’ ample material for derision in the first month since its roll out. From computer glitches to cancer patients losing their “world class” insurance to lesser government coverage for more money, to call the beginnings of Obamacare disastrous would be to sorely underestimate how awful it has been. In the midst of all the misery, I believe the truly worst part of Obamacare is being missed. It is really two “worst” things because one is slightly worse than the other, but is only true because of the other “worst” thing. Still with me?

 In my estimation, the first “worst” thing is that Obamacare actually destroys what it proclaims it is out to save, the health-care system in our nation. It is truly a case of driving private health-care out of business which will result in rationing of care. This rationing will be controlled by those covered in some fashion by Obamacare simply because no policy is now allowed to exist, private or not, which is not up to the standards of the new law! That’s what this whole argument about whether or not Obama lied when he said “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” is about! It was with the object of getting this law passed so that unprecedented control over health-care could be gained by the government. The problem is that this is not economically feasible! Unlike the President, the numbers do not lie, and believe it or not, you still DO have to do the math! Somebody still has to pay, either in lost dollars or lost care, for doctors who are fleeing the system, and the increasing numbers that no longer accept Medicare. There was already a shortage of both doctors and nurses when the law passed in 2010. The health-care system will be drained even further of both quality doctors and nurses. Sooner or later, probably sooner, quantity of care will suffer because of decreasing numbers of doctors and nurses. To borrow from Yeats, “The center will not hold”! The government “reform” of health-care insurance is destructive of the very system it has supposedly been created to save! Along the way, human suffering will increase and not decrease because of this, and adding that pain to all the other consequences of Obamacare makes it truly hideous. Perhaps, like some who have speculated, this is a purposeful action foreseen by the administration as but a step toward inevitable “single-payer” insurance. Should that become the case, what had once been the best system of health-care in the world will be dead, and from there a short walk to tyranny, as history has shown.

 Yet there is one other thing which is worse than what I just described, along with all the human suffering which would accompany this health-care destruction. What is even worse than all of that is …that this was ALL preventable! ALL of it was talked about, and most of it predicted before the law passed! I say most before the law passed because I think that even the most cynical of us who opposed Obamacare didn’t imagine the roll out would be this bad, at least not on a technical level! I mean, we believed that in 2013, the government, with 300 million or so to spend, as is claimed, could design and execute better results than this! But there were objections about how this could not possibly but result in loss of insurance policies and now we know the President knew about that fact before the law passed as well. There were warnings about shortages of doctors and the primary health-care quality suffering before the law was passed just from what was already known. Common sense should tell anyone that you cannot decrease the number of doctors and increase the number of patients and get better health care! Before Obamacare was even passed, this was pointed out concerning it’s protozoan form of Hillary-care.

 There is but one way to come out of this ridiculous march to a “single payer” system of health-care control, which is what it will be. A foul should be called here. A penalty flag needs to be thrown. Lying to the people to facilitate the passage of legislation should be a crime in America! Oh wait… it is isn’t it? Isn’t this what, if done by a private business to sell a product, a “fraudulent purchase”, that they could be liable for? Or is it OK for the government to defraud you, just not private people or businesses? We need to repeal the PPACA, as soon as possible! If not then please defund it! I will take a delay, but only in hopes of finding the political spine to do the right thing and repeal the Act. If present trends are any indication, I hope it’s a very long delay.  

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D.T. Osborn

I am 57 years old and live in the great state of Nebraska. I am a direct health care services worker and recently retired pastor of a Baptist church. I have been married for 32 years and have a 30 year old son and a 26 year old daughter.

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  1. D.T., you’ve put together quite a compact version of the horrors this ‘thing’ brings with it. I’d like to add, if I may, to your ‘worst’ part. As you said, many of the faults were known before it passed ….worse is those whose constituents elected to represent their interest couldn’t be bothered to even check out the multitude of flaws, much less read the bill first!! It was more important to walk in lock step singing fa la la into the fantasy kingdom of Obama. many accepting ‘special’ palms of silver & gold. They eagerly anointed Obama & made him the first President that could on whim re-write a law without their objection..

    I hope & believe this monster will die under its own weight…I hope every one is aware that Guieterrez, Harkin & some others plan on ‘sneaking’ amnesty in for criminal trespassers before the end of 2013. We aren’t a one issue country any more than a one payer health country.

    Good Work!!

    1. Thanks for your comment. You are right to also criticize the congress about their lack of real representation before the bill was passed. I would add that the lack of sufficient time afforded to read the bill was another example of a broken promise by Obama made when he campaigned. In addition, it does behoove us to be vigilant about the ‘sneaking in’ of amnesty in the guise of immigration reform. Thanks for that reminder as well.

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