Who Should We Really Blame For Obama-Care?

I know most of you are saying, “Why Obama is responsible for Obama-Care.” But I disagree, first of all I believe that Obama had no input on the bill that bears his name, I would bet anyone that he never even read the bill, the only things he knows about the bill is what his handlers tell him, that’s it. So to put the blame solely on him for this destructive law is wrong.

Next there are those who blame the Democrats who voted for the bill, after all many were bribed, bullied and threatened  to vote for a bill they knew was wrong and was not good for America. I would put the blame on those Democrats who knew that it was a bad bill but voted for it anyway before I put the blame on Obama.

Now, the one person that I blame for Obama-Care becoming law is Chief Justice John Roberts, his was the swing vote. While there were reports he originally intended to vote otherwise, and was swayed by the pressures, those reports never have been verified and probably never will. President Obama famously claimed that the law was not a tax, yet Chief Justice Roberts took it upon himself to rewrite the bill and make it a tax.

Justice Kennedy, on whom virtually all hope for a decision upholding the law rested, voted with Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. They would have invalidated all 900 pages of the law—even though the challengers had directly attacked only two of the law’s hundreds of provisions. But Chief Justice John Roberts sided with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan to uphold the law as a valid exercise of Congress’s power to tax.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. who argued for the bill never once called it a tax, as a matter fact he did his best to avoid calling it a tax. If they had called it a tax while they were voting on it, they never would have had the votes to pass it in the first place. So why did Justice Roberts take it upon himself to make it a tax?

Chief Justice John Roberts initially sided with the Supreme Court’s four conservative justices to strike down the heart of President Obama’s health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, but later changed his position and formed an alliance with liberals to uphold the bulk of the law, according to two sources with specific knowledge of the deliberations.

Roberts then withstood a month-long, desperate campaign to bring him back to his original position, the sources said. Ironically, Justice Anthony Kennedy believed by many conservatives to be the justice most likely to defect and vote for the law led the effort to try to bring Roberts back to the fold. It is not known why Roberts changed his view on the mandate and decided to uphold the law. At least one conservative justice tried to get him to explain it, but was unsatisfied with the response, according to a source with knowledge of the conversation.

It is said that Justice Roberts was blackmailed, as corrupt as the Obama administration is, I do not find this hard to swallow. Others say he was swayed by outside influences, whatever the reason he changed his mind, he should truly be ashamed of himself. How it can be Constitutional for the government to force Americans to buy a product, there is just no way it can be. This opens up a whole can of worms, do you think the Government is going to stop there? You can rest assured that somewhere down the line, we will be forced to buy other things the Government says is for our best interest. Freedom?

I would like to close by saying two words to Justice Roberts, and they ain’t Merry Christmas.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. First of all, let me say that your opinion on Roberts validates my own…Of course there’s more than enough ‘blame’ to go around…but let’s not leave out the fact that everyone has ‘CHOICES” It is apparent that many of us ‘good people’ CHOSE to acknowledge that our healthcare rules or laws needed overhauling.. But CHOSE to let ‘others do it for us’. After it was passed & became law people made individual CHOICES to return to the Senate & House many of the same legislators that voted for an unread or understood bill.

    How we really feel about it will reflect in 2014 & our CHOICES then…..far too many will repeat their mistakes & wring their hands while blaming everyone else to include those Wascally Wepublicans….. they re-elected…again

    1. Yes Jan there was plenty of blame to go around, but Roberts is the biggest culprit, why did he flip? We may never know the truth.

      1. I’m afraid you’re right. My imagination has come up with a number of possibilities to include threats, family etc. Such a huge disappointment. Thought we had a good guy…..for whatever reason when I try to comment on your page it jumps around & my comment won’t stay…but keep on doing what you do so well & know I read..& appreciate & often agree (scary, huh?)

          1. WHEW!!! If true, now I am worried..lol “Look out world, here we come…ready or not!

  2. Good article Chris. You hit the nail on the head speaking about “handlers” with respect this thief who stole our Presidency. He showed the whole Nobel thing to be an illegitimate farce. Gore was just a WTF moment, Obama was the eye opening now I get it moment. So now comes another Epiphany moment for the American people. The House and the Senate are sucking the life blood from this country and the biggest Vampire is our president. Yes our brilliant uniformed voting public elected a bunch of Ceiling hanging Bats to run our country.Lies? We are all knee deep in the Guano Lunacy that they have tossed our way and it’s shameful. They have turned the shrine of liberty and democracy into no less than a cave. The Blame lies firmly in the hands of the American people themselves along with Satan’s minions, the Media!!!!! The Affordable Care Act and his second election are frauds who came to be through corrupt actions. He does not meet the qualifications established in our Constitution to run for President, hold office or sign anything into law. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with who he really is, and that is plainly not American in his heart or in his actions. Tell it for what it really is, Guano Lunacy….Bat Shit Crazy!!!

    1. Jerry I always look forward to your comments, they are not only colorful but truthful. Thanks

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