We Need Consensus, Not Compromise

• Majority of opinion: The consensus of the group was that they should meet twice a month.
• General agreement or concord; harmony.

• A settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.

Over and over, whenever there is a difference between these Parties, in Congress, we are lectured by these Politicians, and their media mouthpieces, that there needs to be compromise. Somehow, if we just light a nice camp fire, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya, all will be well. But, the larger question is rarely asked: What is it that is being compromised?

In our Federal Constitution, the framers gave The United States Congress “Limited,” Enumerated Powers, to which they could legislate. And, one of those explicit Powers was The Commerce Clause, which enabled Congress to facilitate “free trade” among the several states, in our Federal Union.

But, over and over, those of us who believe that Congress should be restrained by their Limited, “Constitutional” Powers, and who advocate for a FREE economy, are often slandered, and continually told we should make “concessions” with people who have no respect or diligence for either a FREE economy, or The U.S. Constitution.

The insinuation is that, one Political Party can create whatever form of Government, or economic system, that they so desire, and the other Party is suppose to make mutual concessions, and completely defy the Principles upon which this country was Founded on, and those Enumerated Powers, to which our Federal Government gets their “Lawful” authority. Acting in such a manner is not only lawlessness, but, as we are rapidly learning, is also extremely detrimental to a properly functioning, free-market economy.

Despite what the Political class, and their media mouthpieces, incessantly preach, the truth is, compromise is not the answer! The answer is consensus; and, consensus needs to be built around a set of guiding principles, which have been framed by our Founders; and that all economic activity, which includes all goods and services, should be created, managed, and run by Private citizens, in a free-market economy. A Free economy not only safeguards our Freedoms, but that is what was prescribed by our Founders, and that is what built this country, and made this country one of the greatest economic Powers in the world.

When, and if, we can get back to a “general agreement” or “concord,” that all goods and services should be created, managed, and run by Private citizens, and that Congress only has the authority to facilitate that principle, by breaking down any barriers to free trade among these 50 states, then, and only then, can we move on from there, and talk about compromise.

Posted, originally at, The Original Republican

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