Jimmy Kimmel asks Americans which they like better: Obamacare or Affordable Care Act

Proof that there’s very little hope for America! Whether you support Obama, Obamacare, or not- EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

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  1. Well you can buy them books and sent them to school, but you cannot make them learn. Stupidity seems to be a contagious disease in this country today.

  2. It isn’t that Americans are stupid. Yes a lot of them are and many more of them simply act stupidly because they have not taken the trouble to EDUCATE themselves! Americans are far more intellectualy LAZY than stupid! The Democrat party is the quinescential repository of intellectual laziness! People have this mental muscle between their ears and most of them let it rot on the provebial couch!
    My Daughter’s told her once – in amazement I might add – that she suddenly realized she could think about what she was going to say BEFORE she said it! Amazing! That sorta saya it all right there.

    The people in Kimmel’s video are not really stupid. They are more arrogant. They don’t have a clue as to what they are being asked but they try to schmooze their way thru it because they don’t have the humility to say;

    “I don’t know the difference. I don’t know have the basic knowledge to have an opinion.” But I do know this; I don’t like the government meddling in my personal life!”

    I find a lot of hope in this clip because many of the people answered “WHY?” with their core value response that they did not want the Government making choices for them or restricting our rights to choose! They also have listened enough to know that Obamacare is really hurting the country but they just haven’t heard that much about the PP&ACA so they choose that option hoping they are “safe”.

    It isn’t hopeless! My God. Look what has been happening all year. When Americans realize what is really going on they start putting their foot down! They stop listening so much to the liberal media and start yelling at their Congressman.

    Education – and the fortitude to go the complete coarse. Don’t wimp, out America. It AIN’T hopeless

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