2 Million Bikers Roll Into DC

Here are several videos of the 2 Million Bikers rolling into DC to honor those lost on September 11, 2001.

For a girl who loves her country, will never forget 9/11, and LOVES the biking scene, this is my DREAM COME TRUE! Oh, how I wish I could be there in the middle of it!

This is from last night, bikers from Smithfield, North Carolina, heading to DC!

Bikers from Stafford, Virginia. Virginia State Troopers shut down I-95 North to escort them through town!

Updated with another video:

And, in case you haven’t heard, only 21 people showed up for the ‘Million American March Against Fear’.

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    This is power in numbers that cannot be ignored. “We the People” can get together even if Congress can’t. These ‘Bikers” aren’t all Democrat, Libertarian, Republican…They are all AMERICANS that have a faith & belief in the Christian based foundation of OUR Country. I’m with you, Cindi, what a thrill to’ve been there. Sure makes me proud…

    1. I wish!!! I see how it’s worded sounded that way. Left out the words ‘thrill it WOULD ‘ve’.. I meant..”I’m with you and would love to have been!!! and like you, I was mesmerized by the videos….& would’ve given my eye teeth to go.

      1. WHEW, Jan… my goodness, lady, you had me excited there for a minute! LOL I was getting ready to interview you! LOL Well, maybe next time we WILL get to go!

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