Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, realized he was up to no good!

Pastor James David Manning gives a sermon of Truth that American doesn’t want to hear!
George Zimmerman did what The Word of God told him to do! Deuteronomy 21 : 18 – 21

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  1. Where is your church, sir? If you tell it like this often I might have to make arrangements.

  2. I love this guy. I would go to church every week if this guy was around !! Tell it like it is !!! PREACH IT … PREACH IT !!!!!!!!!

  3. god bless this man to have the strength to standfor the most of the good people of the black community. I wish the best for everyone and pray that martins come to there senses

  4. Thank-you Pastor Manning for being so honest. I believe it does not matter if your black or white it only matters if you are black or white trash who have no respect for anyone not even themselves. Bless you

  5. First, let me say that Manning is a liar and you all can verify that his first lie is that he does not know what Sabrina said because he never spoke with her; number two, she did not put his son on the streets; question is do you know how many of you woman, mother’s would send your son to his dad, so that dad can help set him on the right track? All of us would with the right situation.

    Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton was divorced from Tracy in 1999, that is a fact and was told in court; so not only is the cursing preacher wrong, he is a liar and always has been. He was the same one that called Obama’s mother white trash and a whore! He is a sick man!

    Another lie that is easy to prove,and in the records is that Trayvon Martin was suspended, not expelled from school. Amazing how all of you that agree with Zimmerman without using reasonable analysis, are the same ones that agree with this man’s words as if he is a real preacher telling the truth! Real men of God don’t use the pulpit for slanging slanderous words and cursing in the process; he is just a NIGGER wanting attention as usual.

    I am still waiting for him to respond to my detailed letter sent back in 2008; guess he does not have time to face a person with real truth and one that does not buy everything that he spews from that trap on this face.

    If I were Sabrina and Tracey, I would sue the bastard from defamation of character.

    Tracey Martin is a Truck driver and has been for many years; that is also documented in the court’s records; so why does Manning not get the facts before he opens his mouth. I know why, because he likes to feed those who do not think for themselves but take his word as the gospel. Nasty Dog!

    Think for yourselves instead of agreeing that this man is telling the truth; far from it! Force him to get the facts for once in his miserable life.

    I don’t like Al or Jessie; but for once in my life, I agreed with them taking actions to get an arrest for Zimmerman as it should and would have been for any black man.

    Manning needs to stop acting like a gossiping woman and stand up and make a difference when it is needed in his own community. He is like the Devil from the pits of Hell, imitating a saint.

    1. “how many of you woman, mother’s would send your son to his dad, so that dad can help set him on the right track?”

      So dad set him straight by leaving him home alone to roam the neighborhood while he was suspended from school for drug possession? And mom sent him there because THAT was the “right track”? Yeah, these two get the parents-of-the-year award (even without trademarking their dead kid’s name before his body was cold).

      1. Dad had a right to go out to dinner with his girlfriend without his 17yr old son in tow. Give me a break!Since when did dad or mom for that matter have to sit home every moment of the day to watch their 17yrs? And when was it wrong for a 17yr old to walk to the neighborhood store.

        You people speak with such ignorance and you are just like a woman who had been treated like a dog by and man and stays with him, while she tells a friend girl all the things she will not do or take from a man. Typical.

        Sit back and do your inspections of someone else life and tell us all what should have been done. But, if you have a 17 yr old at home, I am willing to bet my last dollar that you are not always there and you do not take that child with you everywhere you go.

        So, go on make it right. But, thank God, there is a God and vengeance is His; he will give each of you know it all, lying, hateful, christian wannbes a lesson. You better pray that your own kids don’t meet someone with the same mentality as Zimmerman.

        If Trayvon smoked weed, that did not justify being murdered when you are walking from a story minding your own business!

        You all are gonna pay for your self-righteous attitudes.

      2. They should have trademarked his name; that was the prudent thing to do, before his name would be used in some KKK song or some rapper in the most negative way. I guess in your eyes, these parents are happy their son is dead too, right?

        You are one sick pup; but to God be the Glory. Thank God he still loves you regardless of your worthless contribution to Christianity.

    2. Clearly this man is right on point. Anyone who disagrees is ignorant and refuses to see the facts. Not guilty!!! That’s the bottom line, all your other crap is you not accepting the facts. You are biased.

      1. Preach it ! This guy is not lying, he checked the facts, you can have your own opinion but there is only one set of facts.

  6. This is one one the real preachers who actually listens to God, not a fake Rev who sees his color more than he will ever see God. Sharpton is a man of Mannon not of The Father.

  7. What does this have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ? The pulpit is to preach, teach, evangelize, pastor, etc.. not gossip. Whatever behaviors TM engaged in does not make him a cast away and all of us life sheep have fallen astray so what type of preacher states that Jesus is no where in a person? Crying out at the loss of my son does not imply he was perfect but even Ted Bundy’s mother cried for him Give me a break. This has to be the most ridiculous, non-biblical based speech, cause it is not a sermon, and he should be ashamed of himself. Schools across the country have a zero tolerance policy so his suspensions (IN THE PAST) do not mean the schools tried everything they could, he had two fights and no one reported who was the cause so why TM is naturally to blame. I do not think that TM is exempt from responsibility here but to demonize, degrade, and disrespect this boy in death? I am speechless at what takes place within my community (black community)!! Shame on him. Nothing about GOD is here

  8. How often did Jesus Christ stone a person or condemn anyone according to the Law of Moses???

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