Obama: After 5 Years Same Old B.S.

When Obama was first elected I shook my head and said why, here is a man that had no experience or qualifications for the job yet he managed to get himself elected to the highest position in the land, how did he do this? One word Bullshit, yes he is a master of spreading it around.

Now here we are five years later and Obama is still clueless about how to run a country. There is no doubt that he knows how to enjoy the perks of the job, but it is obvious he does not know how to do the job. When he first came into office the country needed jobs, now five years later the country still needs jobs, what has he been doing for the past five years anyway? Oh, that’s right, he has been enjoying the perks of the job.

Now after five years he thinks it is now time to tackle the job situation, wait, hasn’t he already done this numerous times before? The answer is yes, but because he is faced with scandal after scandal, he needs to change the subject. Watching him give his speech I had to laugh, he is saying the same things he said five years ago, I even laughed harder when he started going over his list of so-called accomplishments for the past five years, which he said, has helped Americans.

Obama said in his speech, “Today, five years after the start of that Great Recession, we fought our way back.” Is he kidding? He also started demonizing the top 1% again as well as blaming the Republicans for his failed policies by saying ‘You Can’t Just Be Against’ Everything I Propose,” to that I say, Oh yes we can, if everything you propose is wrong for America.

I must say, the majority of the audience looked like young people, I guess that these are the only people who he can talk to who do not remember that he is saying the same things he did five years ago. I must say, he has the right idea, as soon as people become voting age, he grabs them and pumps them full of bullshit. As the people that voted for him five years ago get wise and turn away from his B.S. he finds new people to lie too, I have to admit it is very effective.

Naturally, Republicans dismissed the address as familiar, empty rhetoric unhelpful to immediate problems like reaching an agreement in Washington on funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. House Speaker John Boehner called the speech a “hollow shell” and an “Easter egg with no candy in it.” Rather than offering new solutions that could revive the economy and put people back to work, Obama offered the same old policies that have already failed, namely more stimulus spending on infrastructure and misguided educational programs. Taking money out of one area of the economy and spending it in another, it hasn’t worked for five years, why does he think it will work now?

Of course Obama had to mention global warming, if he wants to help stop global warming, he needs to stop giving speeches that are full of hot air and B.S. I don’t know why I watched his speech, I truly stopped watching his speeches years ago, I usually turn on Seinfeld instead. I guess it really does not matter, when I need a good laugh I either turn on Seinfeld or one of Obama’s speeches.

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