Jury: Zimmerman NOT Guilty!

Nearly a year and a half after having been nearly beaten to death by Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was declared “not guilty” by a jury of his peers in a trial perpetrated by politics, fueled by racist tensions and propelled to the front-page by subservient media .

George Zimmerman never disputed the fact that he shot Mr. Martin. The only determination left to the jury was whether George was acting in self-defense while the larger and stronger Martin was on top of him or if he should have found a different way to deal with the situation.

The jury unanimously ruled that Zimmerman had no way to protect himself other than to use lethal force to answer lethal force.

After the verdict, defense attorney Mark O’Mara said, “George Zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self defense.”

Once the prosecution realized that the murder charge they had pushed for was unattainable with only emotion in their favor, they asked for the lesser charge of manslaughter to be considered.

The jury of six women considered the original charge of second degree murder, the lesser charge of manslaughter and in the face of woeful evidence, found the accused non guilty.

Florida State Attorney General let people know that the system worked and that she believed justice had been done by saying, “we respect the jury’s verdict.”

Racially motivated, NAACP’s president Benjamin Jealous fumed, “We are outraged and heartbroken over today’s verdict” and vowed to pursue “civil rights charges” in the case.

The question remains whether emotions will take over releasing riots in Florida’s streets or whether civility and respect for the jury’s verdict will rule the night.


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. The Civil Liberties group eagerly grabbed this tragic event..and ran with it, added in large part by NBC’s ‘mis-edit” of he 911 call & flaming coverage of other mainstream media….The integrity of the actual horror was quickly wrapped in rags of racial indicators &a pointed intent to instigate the unrest of existing divides & mistrust of judicial proceedings.

    The President’s own remarks, the presence of the Sharptons & Jacksons & ‘new’ Black Panters serve as lighting rods. Once again, preying on the uninformed, lesser educated population…

    The “Real” trial is ahead….that of the American Citizen’s respect of the Law vs Those that wish to undermine the soul of a Nation.

    Thanks for the demeanor of the Martin’s, their personal Attorneys, The Prosecution Team & Defense team coupled with solid local law enforcement, the City of Sanford is an example of how to rise above the groups that would put their cause above & seek to further divide a country already in distress ….Let us pray other towns follow

  2. There isn’t any question that something is broken here. But it isn’t the Justice System – unless it is that this went to trial in the first place; and I am sorry for the Martin family.

    The proggies and the white-haters who still cling to their persecution complexes (actually their only justification for existing) – the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, etc. – are never going to shut up on any opportunity to promote racial hatred. It is up to us, the common citizens (black, white, brown, red, yellow – yes, even the pink and purple ones) to recognize how complex our society is that it is a multi-facetted culture and that our differences are more thru culture, not race.

    In this case it is completely befuddling how this was about race; Zimmerman seems to be an example of a good ol’ American cur – and I don’t mean that as any kind of slur. Unless, of course, Zimmerman can be a fraction of a racist since all good proggies know only white people are racists! (Truth is I don’t know what he is – other than an American – and I DON’T care!)Where is our common sense?

    I see the rising of the sun (in the east, contentious proggies – not the west) where common sense people are starting to counter attack the nonsense; are starting to voice their thoughts and starting to not listen to the proggies, their left wing media and their BLACK Raciest Leadership. We are sick of you and your lies!

    I am going to write all three of my legislators and let them know how I feel about this stupid, stupid prevarication and convolution of the truth! – not based on what someone has told me to think but what I have really thought for myself. I believe it is time that we make this a habit – all of us. Even if you live in New York. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t any legislative action before them. They are just as human as any of us and they are just as swayed by the sensationalism!

    We are the voice that counters the lefty proggie media! Let’s do it where it counts…

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