Turnkey Tyranny is in place

Economic Policy Journal writes that the most important thing NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has said comes at the end of this interview. The infrastructure is now in place to bring tyranny onto the people of the United States with a simple flip of a switch. Edward Snowden calls it “turnkey tyranny.”

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  1. Edward Snowden is Patriot! Edward Snowden is a Hero of the United States of American. The Federal Government is NOW CLEARLY our most Dangerous ENERMY!

    Listen to me carefully, American – there are those among you who are willing to trade your freedom for THEIR security. There is this insane misconception that the purpose of government is to make us SAFE! These FOOLS know nothing of the First Principles of our Nation. They are disgusting Cowards!

    The Primary purpose of any JUST government is to protect the individual Rights of Its people. The freedoms you have enjoyed all of your lives are because of these First Principles! Edward Snowden, at great risk to himself, has stood up against an EVIL Federal Government who believes It has a mandate and our permission to infringe upon and take from us our Unalienable rights in the name of keeping us secure and safe. IT DOES NOT! And furthermore they cannot protect us! It is a ruse to steal our freedom and to enslave us! The United States is NOT the Federal Government! We the People are the United States.

    There is no provision in the Constitution for the NSA! That is an illegal organization! There is no provision in the Constitution for a National Police force. These agencies and organizations that draw there authority from misguided presedence and an out of control government!

    I am enraged at idiots who are in positions of authority – People like John Bohner and Diane Feinstein who defend the NSA and who call Snowden a traitor. You are the Traitors. Your are the idiots I speak of! You are the morons who passed the Patriot Act who have enabled the violations of our rights by this Government and who have provided the Conditions that compelled our 21st Century Thomas Payne to do what he did.

    John Bolton is a loud mouth fool. This was not an act of war. It was an act of courage against the Tyrany than needs to be removed from our government. Snowden is a champion of our First Principles and he has acted upon the duty placed upon all of us within the Declaration of Independance!! Idiot republicans like Ted Truner and Thielssen who clearly do not understand the justification of Snowdens actions – who betray conservative values – piss me off with bntheir moronic opinions! Teddy! Read the Constitution!!! Read the D of I!

    I will not be party to the mass hysteria of “the Crisis”! I shall stay focused on our First Principles and on our Constitution. And if anything happens to Edward Snowden I will be very, very, very angry!!! I am NOT obligated to obey any illegal Unconstitutional Law including the so called Patriot Act. And neither is Edward Snowden!

    Edward Snowden – I salute you. I pray for you. You are not my enemy! Thank You for your Sacrifice to our Nation!

    To the NSA puke reading this; please check my spelling and send me the corrections so I don’t have to waste time with a spell checker! Thanks!

    Derrell Poole

    1. My apologies to Ted Trump (whoever that is…) I meant Donald Trump of course!

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