Proposed bill would “blindfold” New York cops

Proposed bill would “blindfold” New York cops

Modern law enforcement officers already face a litany of hurdles and red tape while performing their prescribed duties and a proposed New York City bill would further hamstring that city’s policing efforts.
Police in the nation’s most populous city are outraged by a city council recommendation that would prohibit them from describing suspects using almost any objective criteria aside from clothing.
NYPD Captains Union President Roy Richter explained the proposed bill would “ban cops from identifying a suspect’s age, gender, color, or disability.”
Doubling down on the already ridiculous anti-discrimination laws on the books, officers would effectively be pursuing leads blind. That concept is illustrated perfectly through recently unveiled advertisements criticizing the absurd proposal.
Michael Palladino, president of the department’s detectives union, elaborated on the ad campaign, which features Richter wearing a blindfold as a stream of pedestrians pass in the background.
He said New York City Council Speaker and bill sponsor Christine Quinn is trying to “sell the security of all New Yorkers for votes.”
Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch was similarly incensed, explaining “the council should be supporting its police officers, not attacking them.”
Officers rightly rely on physical descriptions to locate wanted individuals and this foolhardy bill would only benefit the criminal population. Perhaps the fact that even notoriously audacious NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a vocal opponent of the bill is evident of its overreach.
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  1. Bizarre! How does one describe an unknown person without using age, gender, color or disability? Describing clothes immediately made me think of every criminal becoming a quick change artist. Thank goodness we no longer have phone booths.

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