Obama The Friendly Ghost

I have always thought that in my lifetime, I would never see a worse President than Jimmy Carter, but I was wrong, big time. There is no doubt that Obama now is the proud holder of that title, the strange thing is that he does not seem to care. He is a President who loves the perks of the job, but does not like doing the job, that might be because he just does not know how to do the job, after one term in office he is still clueless. Well what can we expect; he is the least qualified man we have had in office in recent memory.

It seems whenever tough jobs appear, Obama pulls a Casper and vanishes like a ghost, he is never around to do the heavy lifting. He sets up a job counsel because we have a terrible economy with millions of people out of work; does he work with that counsel? No, he vanishes, but he does find time to play golf and do hundreds of fundraisers.

What about his health-care bill, another vanishing act. He left the heavy work to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, while he went out and campaigned, does he even know what is in the bill, did he ever? I am willing to bet that he never even read the bill, he only knows what he is told to say, or like he recently said, he finds out about things when he hears about it on the news.

The night of the Benghazi attacks, where was he? Four Americans died, what was he doing and where was he, does anyone know? Dan Pfeiffer, assistant to the President and senior advisor said that it was irrelevant where the President was that night, well if it so irrelevant, why won’t anyone say where he was, because he pulled another Casper that’s why.

Obama’s administration is crawling with scandal after scandal, every week it seems more bad news has surfaced for Obama. We had Fast and Furious Scandal, IRS Scandal, AP Phone Records Scandal, NSA Scandal, State Department Scandal. Where is Obama? Why isn’t he out explaining to the American people? Instead, he disappears again, flies out of the country. Instead, he is taking an African vacation with his family, which reportedly cost between 60 million and 100 million dollars, taxpayer dollars I might add, while he cries he cannot open the White House Tours for lack of money.

A leader who runs and hides, or goes on vacation every time there is some heavy lifting to be done, is not a leader at all, it seems he just makes excuse after excuse for why he is not around, or should I say his people make the excuses for him.

I cannot understand why this President is still in office, or how he got there in the first place. There is only one explanation that I can think of, Obama says that he has Irish blood, which has to be the answer; he has the luck of the Irish. How much longer it will last I don’t know, but it seems to be running out and it is long overdue.

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  1. Come to think of it Chris your description of our anomaly in chief is fairly in tune with that of a Coke Whore….. He must be someone’s mule, Jerry T

  2. In cost cutting measures, maybe we could cut his exposure everywhere but in the Oval Office – who knows, he might get some work done out of sheer boredom!

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