The “progressive”

The “progressive” does not care about Americans.we-the-progressives

They do not care about the dim bulb, buck toothed flyover American’s life. They do not care about the Liberties of slope headed inferiors who bitterly cling to their Bibles and guns. Nor are “progressives” concerned with how Neanderthal hayseeds define the pursuit of happiness.

What “progressives” care about is ruling over the people who populate a country called the United States of America.

Note: ruling over, not governing.

The underlying, unflinching, insistent “progressive” belief is that Americans unknowingly adhere to a fatally flawed, unjust, reprehensible system of government that must be replaced by one envisioned by the superior intellect embodied within the “progressive” mind.

To their bone marrow the “progressive” believes that the American free market capitalist system is patently unfair to the masses. Most do not enjoy the privileges of those who rise to the top. The disparity of income distribution is “unfair” and must be rectified through “progressive” economic reform. In the mind’s eye of a “progressive, the key to a more equitable system lies in “progressive” taxation upon those who succeed, and a redistribution of their wealth to those who have been “less fortunate.”

The success of such a scheme depends upon the existence of a government big enough and strong enough to take what it wants from the successful and give it to “the needy.” The flaw in the system that “progressives” never explain to “the needy” is that a government big enough to give them everything they need is also big enough to take it away from them…especially if that government is big enough and powerful enough to force the successful, who achieved their status through hard work, discipline, intelligence, resourcefulness and adaptability to surrender their wealth to the collective.

To the “progressive” mind, the United States Constitution is an outdated document written by selfish, rich, white slave holders that has long since outlived its usefulness. It is beyond repair. The only solution to such a predicament is to “progress” beyond the Constitution.

Of course, it matters not to “progressives” that the U.S. Constitution, as written by America’s founders, is completely capable of revisiting issues that remained unresolved at the time of its passage by the original thirteen states. Any child enrolled in a halfway decent political science class knows that the Constitution has been amended twenty seven times.

The “progressive” political modus operandi is: The ends justify the means.

There is nothing Liberal about “progressives.” Were the great William F. Buckley Jr. alive today, it is not hard to imagine that his famous quote: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views” might well have been assigned to those who now label themselves as “progressives.”

This is the danger America is facing in the twenty first century. To say it is an existential threat is neither hyperbole nor fabrication.

Those who once described themselves as Liberals, have deliberately chosen to openly pattern their political ambitions and behaviors after the political ambitions and behaviors practiced by early twentieth century “progressives.”

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  1. A recent poll I read about found that 40% of Americans were willing to give up some of their Civil Liberties for Security… Oh, but they don’t want their ipads and cell phones tapped.

    A man peddled a petition to repeal 1A. “We have to stop the Right Wing hate talk!” And people were signing eagerly… much to his astonishment!!

    Piers Morgan (CNN) repeatedly asks the question, “why does anyone need an AR-15?” and then proceeds to yap loudly over the top of any attempt to Answer. (The Short, Sharp, Quick, answer – that I’ve yet to see anyone give in response – is; “NONE OF YOUR G.D. BUSINESS!!!!!!”)

    We have the Sandy Hookers who (oh yes I DID say that) who have prostituted their grief to an unconstitutional anti gun bill (not to mention a fraudulent president) – in the face of 56 million murdered unborn babies to Date! (I swear if anyone I loved was slaughtered the last person I would want comfort from would be that TWIT!!)

    We have people on face book (yuk!!) who don’t even know what the word repeal means!

    I agree that what you have described is the mastermind of the Socialist onslaught against our Nation and our people. I think the majority of so-called progressives are a bunch of brain-fried hippies who could not rationalize their way out the front door and a huge pool of college poisoned Zeros who didn’t know what they thought until the magic tongues of those communist universities told them what they think! They actually believe that, Human Nature and Natural Law not withstanding, 2 billion people could live on this planet in Utopia! Yes, I mean 2 Billion!

    The public education system and the Bolshevik teachers who maintain one of the most egregious Unions in the country have most grievously ripped us off. We have multiple generations of STUPID SHEEP!

    But I also think the fog is slowly lifting. I think the idiots who don’t know what the word “repeal” means. (They wanted to get rid of Obamacare but were mad at the House for attempting to REPEAL it for the 36th time!! Write your senators to join the House. Tell Max Baucus that he needs to be Noble and do the “Right Thing” before he retires. You know, the new catch phrase for all of these socialist bills is; “its the right thing to do” – Manchin!)

    We have a tough job. We have to re-educate these generations. They are starting to realize that all those wonderful programs and new laws are not just hurting someone else but they are hurting them! “Oh my, you didn’t tell me I would loose MY insurance – and MY job!” They are slowly becoming suspicious of this tyrannical government. They are starting to realize that the United States is NOT the Federal Government – that can be replaced! – But that the numerous States and “WE the People” are the United States! We need a Neigel Jarage in THIS Country. We need a champion of OUR Constitution! We need someone who will damn the CNN/MSNBC/Bloomberg Torpedoes and get in the illegal government’s face! We ALL need to get in the illegal governments face!

    We are in recurrence right now. We are waking up. We need to be strong, and take and maintain the initiative and drive home WHO is boss here! Our weapons are outlined in 1A. If we fail we will have no choice but to execute 2A! Indeed, it is our DUTY!

    …and as to those 40% – YOU STINK-KING COWARDS!!! You deserve neither freedom nor security! The Patriots, both dead and alive, hold you in utter CONTEMPT!


  2. The last sentence of a Daniel Webster quote is as sound today as when he said it….”There are men of all ages who mean to govern well, but hey mean to govern. They promise to be good masters…but they mean to be masters….” And let’s not forget.. masters own slaves

    It strikes me as peculiar and somewhat contradictorily that they spend so much effort to change the very things they ‘don’t ‘care’ about.
    I surmise that they were raised in a negative environment & have a DNA with the malcontent in it.

    Seeing what all Michael has written in black & white sure is a reminder why I’m glad I’m me!!

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