Students forced to fund lecture by prostitutes

Students forced to fund lecture by prostitutes

Colleges ostensibly offer young adults their first independent exposure to new cultures and experiences.
While I expect – and even encourage – universities to offer presentations by those with whom I disagree ideologically, today’s leftist administrators rarely offer any traditional speakers to counterbalance that exposure.
A recent series of lectures by prostitutes and strippers at the University of New Hampshire shows the outrageous lengths schools will go to legitimize and normalize immoral lifestyles.
Adding further insult to the conference is the fact students compulsorily funded it through mandatory student activity fees. About half of the roughly $2,250 it cost to host the obscene antics came from that fund.
Perhaps showing the limited exchange rate for a degree from UNH, a number of the guests invited to talk about their
Self-described “sex worker” Kitty Stryker began a petition to collect both money and signatures to show support for the college in giving hookers “a voice when so many would rather silence us.”
The event was organized as part of a class assignment and received sponsorships from campus groups including Queer Studies and Voices of Planned Parenthood, among others.
While the objectionable content of the lectures obviously disturbed many students, the issue of financial waste was also a major concern.
Young Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire Director Greg Moore wanted to learn more about funding for the workshop and filed the necessary paperwork to attain that information.
With college costs skyrocketing in recent years, he said a rally on behalf of prostitution used “funds that could be used elsewhere to keep tuition down.”
There are two very good reasons this conference should have been nipped in the bud; one is moral and the other financial. Unfortunately, leftists are notoriously unresponsive to reason in both categories.

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