Obama: Our Founding Fathers Warned Us About Him

Over the years I have seen my share of Presidents, I was born when Truman was in office, I have seen good Presidents and bad Presidents, but Obama is the first President who scares me. I have always thought that in my lifetime, I would never see a worse President than Jimmy Carter, but I was wrong. Not only is Obama incompetent, but Americans should also fear him for what are his true intentions, the complete transformation of our country. I am truly afraid of what he is trying to do to our country.

Oh, he told us from the very beginning that is exactly what he wanted to do, but most of America were deaf, dumb, and blind to what he truly meant. Some of us, like myself knew what he was from day one, and that was a person that could not be trusted. I have said from the day he burst on the American radar screen that he was without a doubt a phony and should not be trusted, but most of America seemed to be blinded because he gave an eloquent speech. We eventually found out he was useless without his teleprompter.

Now, for the first time in his Presidency, he is scrambling for cover, his beloved protectors; the mainstream media have no choice but to expose all of his screw-ups. Benghazi, IRS, are two big stories that are now coming to light, but I believe this is only the beginning, there will surely be more to follow.

This President has lied, threatened, intimidated throughout his term in office, he knows no other way of governing. A President that refuses to admit who are enemies are, who blamed the death of four Americans on a video, when he knew from day one the video had nothing to do with the attack. A President who thought it was more important to go to sleep while four Americans were being slaughtered, because he had to get up early the next day to attend a campaign rally in Las Vegas.

The IRS is now targeting groups that do not have the same political views as the President. Any group that has the words patriot, tea party, constitution, liberty, 9/12 project, or even the betterment of America. These are groups that believe in true American Values, yet they are treated as if they are the enemies of America, while Muslims are given a pass. I believe the orders to investigate these groups came directly from the White House, maybe not by Obama himself, but he without a doubt knew about it. Do you find it a little scary, that the IRS can do all this just when Obama’s health-care law is going to be put in their hands? Just think, the President has given the IRS full power to get every bit of information they want from you in the name of health-care, the people who were screaming that this was not about health-care but about Government control were right.

Obama is exactly the type of person our Founding Fathers warned us about, a person that comes into power to achieve more power, not to help, but to grow Government so it can control its people. “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for Government but illegal for its citizenry.” Thomas Jefferson.

Should this President be feared? That’s your call, but I certainly am afraid of what Obama wants to do to our country. He was supposed to be a Constitutional professor, yet he complained that the Constitution was too restrictive for him. Yes, this President should be feared.

Our Founding Fathers knew someone like Obama would eventually come along  and they tried to warn us, but they had confidence in the people to stop him.

“Tyrants have always some slight shade of virtue; they support the laws, before destroying them.”

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. This president scares me too.

    Precedence. That is what has always worried me. Laws passed for apparently good reasons to be used against us later in ways we didn’t expect. My Senator puts it this way (concerning his support of some parts of the last gun grab bill); “Its a step in the right direction.” It’s a step all right! But in who’s right direction? Not mine!

    All of the tools, the laws, the agencies, and the precedence Obie has been using against us were put in place by previous lawmakers and presidents, altruistically, mostly. The Patriot Act, for a recent example; Crisissies,crisissies, crisissies! 911! The Federal government just soooo caring. How much of our civil liberties has that Act actually taken from us?

    One of the most egregious tool is what I consider to be the only truly Unconstitutional Amendment, 16A! That Amendment has blossomed into the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the FBI – Oh MY! And to think the Constitution never enumerated a National Police force!!! What ever happened to 10A?!

    Well the FBI just wasn’t enough. Nor was the IRS. They got all bothered by drugs and guns and booze and tobacco and made it clear that we needed a NEW FBI, which they call the ATF. Crisissies and more crisissies and yes the longest running war in our history – the war on drugs (its a war of attrition and the drugs are clearly winning). Now we have the DHS because they have so neglected our borders and immigration laws and, oh yes, we have Terrorists and bed bugs too!

    Now they are buying billions of rounds of ammunition – 20 years worth in terms of a hot war – and practicing urban warfare in our big city streets! And have you seen the cops lately? Officer Friday would be impressed! Yeah I’m afraid of Obie! But he wouldn’t be so frightening if all these things had not been set out there for him to use. Smorgasbord!

    What we should have been afraid of all along – from the days of that turncoat Teddy Roosevelt – is being ignorant and complacent! We should have been living in a certain amount of “fear” ever since the Civil War defeated States Rights! Unfortunately most of the folks who should have been standing guard, in fear of the government, are no longer with us. Now we may be the generations who are left to pay the price! We as a nation have been giving up bits and pieces of our freedom for security and in doing so it could be we as a nation deserve neither – we may have to fight and bleed to deserve freedom once more.

    When Obie was elected in 2008, like many of us, I felt great apprehension. I pointed out that the American People seem to need to go thru these periods of really bad leadership in order to regain their perspective! The Declaration of Independence talks about Recurrence. It talks about our right to dissolve the government and replace it with something that will again protect our individual rights. We have the unalienable right to revolution. And not only a right but also a responsibility to it. It is a duty! When a government becomes oppressive to a point where we can no longer suffer thru it we are at a point of recurrence! Some of us call it a “Hard Reset!” I don’t know if we are at that point yet but it is very frightening. I know of people who are already done “talking”. I don’t agree that talking is done. We have seen some encouraging results in the exercise of 1A. If we must resort to 2A we can only imagine the horror… so let us expend as much energy and recourses as we can in the practice of dialog.

    I use to say, like many of us did, if you didn’t vote don’t complain about how things are. Seems that is a bit obsolete. I say now, if you are not exercising 1A and petitioning your government, if you are not writing your representatives, state and fed, and your governor then just shut up and go into bondage like a good little sheep!

    Yeah. I’m scared too! Let us pray we can reset our country without bloodshed.

  2. Chris shall we take a hard look at this picture. It’s 97% induring the burdon placed upon them by the 3%, who have been placed into power by the 47%, plus a percent of educated liberal idiots who consider themselves the academic elite. Add a pinch of corruption, a compliant media. Then have enough Americans who just don’t vote or participate in the American process at all and Wahlah….up from the depth of the sewer comes President Bogus. Ask most people, just people in general who George Soros is and you will find they don’t have a clue. Do many even understand Sequestration or it’s origin as a win win for this golf prone imposter? Not a even clue for this group of mimicking Eloi.

    We can change this picture without blood shed or civil violence which is exactly what Obie and his miscreants want. Why else have class and race breakdowns other than to disinfranchise haves from have nots then turn one against the other. Drugs will be left on American streets to keep the “Fuel” close to the fuse they have ready for when the time is right. Every despot since Adam and Eve has done this, but never like this now.

    Yes Chris we can turn the tide on these Morons and our weapon of choice will be the American Dollar. We need to thrive our way out of this in spite of the obstacles thrown in our way. We gave hope to people behind the Iron Curtain with Radio Free America. American business owners want opportunity and sales. They want market confidence, we want jobs that pay well. We want a sense of well being in our cities and our communities. The true America wants an economy and we are that economy, not Washington. We have been the WORLDS economy for three decades now. The Rooster needs to come home! There is a way to do this, there is an answer and it is in each and every one of us. You’ll see…….

    1. Hi Jerry, After the people re-elected Obama, I do not have much confidence in their judgement. I am on the fence of it turning around.

  3. Obama calls all the shots and knows about everything and then some. He was a hero and on top of the show for the cameras when Osama went down, but now he is the village idiot. He has one flaw that h just does not understand, after all he is a diety. His ego will bring him down when he pisses off the media enough. No tyrant would put up with the foolishness of a media. When their work is done he’ll need to shut them down. he can’t exist with another opinion other than his. This man is pathetic the way he prances around just so enamered with himself. He may try and have Mohammed Ali sent away to for claiming “I am the Greatest” with out Obama’s permission. Michelle shurely whispers to her Lil ole Pumpkin man, that Ali has some nerve Barry, let’s fix his boat too.

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