Obama calls in the Marines- to keep him dry from the rain

This is what leadership is? Really? What, does he think he is going to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West?

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  1. Every service man and woman probably is and should be outraged at this. The strongest language I could possibly use would not express my wrath. That is the most respected (and feared) uniform in the world and those Marines were put in a most loathsome position – they had to obey the “CnC” and stand as “boys” of insult and DISHONOR for a man who is clearly full of contempt. Marines carry rifles – every Marine is a Rifleman FIRST – not umbrellas! Why wasn’t the Secret Service used instead if this wimp and his guest could not get wet?!

    But there is more to this than that – if that wasn’t enough. He could not have found a more succinct demonstration of the abuse of power, both literally and symbolically. Every American should feel personally assaulted and just as outraged!!! That uniform is SOAKED in the Blood of Honor of every American who has given his or her life for this Country and our freedom! In spite of all of the recent revelations, this is the most, defiant contemptuous, narcissistic, arrogant act I have ever even HEARD of a president committing! How much does he hold himself above all of us? This says it ALL!

    Ronald Reagan – “Mr. Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!”.

    obie – uses the most deadly and most honorable force in the world to keep him dry!!!

    I can’t predict the future but so far as I am concern this will be the defining visual of this “president”. There is no better self-defining moment of this fraud! Here is the very picture of how much he HATES this Country (“we are just 5 days away from fundamentally changing America!” – obie. Who the hell asked you to?!). Not only does this insult every member of the Service under his command it brings home how devoid of honor this lawless, treasonous, CRIMINAL is! We elect a president as the leader of all of us, to execute his office as much for all of us as is possible. We expect integrity and honor from such a man or woman as the very best among us. In this person we have none of that – only divisiveness, depravity and adversariallism – the SEED of our destruction! But then we did NOT elect this person! We have not yet really heard of and seen the true nature of how he came to “power” – have we?!

    And if you still wonder about his birth certificate consider this; on 4 August, 1961 it was NOT the practice – or even heard of – to use the term “African American” but rather “Negro” for race. That is a politically “correct” term that was still years away into the future. Yet what do we see on this Fraud’s BC? WHAT IS HE HIDING!!!?

    As far as I’m concerned, if you do not feel personally enraged at this man you need to find citizenship SOME WHERE ELSE!


  2. The Marines have a heroic record of life and death for America along with stalwart truth and justice for all. I wish I could feel and say the same for the man standing next to them. Long live the grace of our US Marines Corp and military. They do their job with Honor!

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