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Democrat cites 007 as inspiration for gun bill

Democrat cites 007 as inspiration for gun bill

While it might be apparent to those of us on the right, a Massachusetts congressman recently confirmed Democrat policy is largely based in fiction.

Unabashedly using the movie “Skyfall” and its protagonist, James Bond, as a springboard, Rep. John Tierney recently introduced the ridiculous Personalized Handgun Safety Act.

Peppered with references to the latest 007 film, he contended “we should be able to agree on gun safety measures that will make our families and communities safer.”

The crux of his bill lies in requiring gunmakers to install technological components in all firearms rendering them useless when brandished by someone other than the owner.

James Bond “escapes death” in the film, Tierney recounted, because his gun “becomes inoperable when it gets into the wrong hands.”

According to the bill’s specifications, gunmakers would be forced to adhere to the new regulations within two years and existing firearms would be retrofitted with the technology using Justice Department funds.

Nearly half of the bill’s supporters are, like Tierney, from the bastion of leftist lunacy known as Massachusetts. Unsurprisingly, none are Republicans.

Despite being notoriously unreliable in practice, such personalization software could easily result in distressing results. In the event of an armed burglary, for instance, an incapacitated gun owner would mean the rest of the household is left completely defenseless as the firearm is rendered nothing more than a scary-looking paperweight.

Touted as a means to prevent accidental deaths, this transparent attempt to further prune the Second Amendment would do nothing more than making gun ownership more expensive and less effective.

Though he seems keen on using this particular scene as legislative inspiration, Tierney has not yet stated his position on another potential killer – the Komodo dragon ultimately responsible for the villain’s death.

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  1. There’s nothing new in this – democrats have ignored the facts and operate on nothing but their fascist ideology and emotionalism.

    There is nothing honest to be found in liberalism. It’s a bankrupt ideology.

  2. Once again the ignorance of the Left never ceases to amaze. Let’s just make up a law, based in fiction with a required date for compliance… a fictional problem has been solved by a fictional solution. Too bad it’s impossible to do economically or safely and once done, amazingly easy to defeat. A gun is a tube closed on one end. People have been making them for over 5 centuries with hand tools. How on earth does this make anyone safer?

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