Chris Matthews – Time travels back to the Civil War

Chris Matthews might not be suffering from tingling legs anymore, but it looks like he’s taken to time travel – maybe he read Kurt Vonnegut too many times? Who knows? No matter what, this is priceless!

Of course, the whole time-travelling back to the War of Northern Aggression isn’t new. Sheila Jackson Lee apparently did a little trip in the liberal time machine as well:

Only one question – Did someone legalize mind-altering drugs in Washington?

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Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.

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One Comment

  1. Congress came together and did something Great!

    Wow! The civil war still holds the distinction of being the most costly war in terms of American Lives AND more lives lost than all the other wars combined (unless something has happened since the last time I checked that statistic!).


    That’s great….

    Why? Because it freed all of those slaves – including Rep. Jackson Lee, of course.

    Because it was the most Politically Correct War we ever fought. Oh my!

    And the WRONG side lost!! Not because Slavery was right or wrong but because STATES RIGHTS were stripped away and we were never truly Constitutional after. Witness the Federal Government growth in power and size ever since…

    It never needed to come to Civil War! The Federal Government had the responsibility to respect STATES RIGHTS! But because a moral compass that didn’t work in half the States and the belligerent use of those “morals” against those State by the other half, we went to war. On the grounds of STATES RIGHTS, provided in the Constitution, South Carolina had the RIGHT to throw off an “oppressive” Federal Government. Was their Moral reasons right? NO! But that wasn’t for the Federal Government to decide!!!

    What would have been the Alternative? I don’t know. But suppose, because the majority of Americans believed Slavery was wrong, there was instead a Constitutional Convention that Amend It to those specifics? Would the majority of Southern States left the Union? Probably. But SO WHAT! That would have confined the South to the South and the West – Owned by the United States – would have bottled them up at the risk of LEGAL border Wars! Now the Confederate States would stand alone before the WHOLE Western World, which already had or were abandoning Slavery! How long would they have lasted – morally?

    Our Constitution is a Perfect Document because it outlines how a people who are conscientious enough to GOVERN THEMSELVES in their daily lives in good moral standing are to be governed! (I guess we get what we deserve after all). The South was wrong for denying those human beings of the Negro Race their Unalienable Rights! And the North was wrong for imposing Federal “Aggression” upon them. READ the Constitution! Live by it!

    Of course it’s all moot at this point. Our forebears left us this legacy as it is (which should teach us to think of OUR descendants).

    Human beings have the maddening propensity to impose themselves upon Other human beings JUST because they don’t agree with them. And they always come up with some “moral” reason (right or wrong) for their intrusion. Natural Law AND Jesus Christ Both make it clear that life on this Planet is HARD! Injustice HAPPENS! Tornados HAPPEN! Little Baby Lions are killed by Adult Males for nothing more than the selfish desire to REPRODUCE!

    We can never truly change this so Deal with it!

    But it was the most politically correct war we’ve ever fought… something “Great!”

    …i’m just SOOO proud of us!

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